Instinctive, honest and fierce: What to know about the Scorpio personality

Instinctive, honest and fierce: What to know about the Scorpio personality

As a fixed water sign, Scorpios are known for their loyalty and devotion — and also their passion. In fact, they are known to have such intense personalities that they are often confused with vibrant fire signs. Alas, they just have deep feelings and emotions.

Scorpios are known to be very intuitive and have an acute sixth sense. Their gut instincts and innate clairvoyant energies are always analyzing and processing information (even if they aren’t outwardly discussing their feelings, they are often thinking matters through internally). This rings true when it comes to whom and what they believe in or trust. In some cases it doesn’t matter about the facts; they believe and trust their guts on an instinctual and spiritual level.

Every zodiac sign gets a little shade thrown at them, and Scorpios are no different. Their shadow side is the ability to play psychological mind games on others (due to the mythological story behind the water sign, which centers around the huntress who stalks her hunter). It’s only done when they are unsure of their own feelings and trying to figure out the situation. But they are kind and sensitive to the loved ones they care about — especially to people who prove their loyalty by standing by them through thick and thin.

Another aspect to their protective personality is their inability to let their guard down in the company of strangers. This means that they are a hard nut to crack and it takes a while (years of building trust) to be a part of their inner circle and know their secrets.

If you upset a Scorpio, then you can expect them to take out their stingers — which can translate in the human form of temperamental meltdowns and arguments — to assert themselves. Don’t worry, they only do this when they have no other choice. Being mean is usually their last resort of self-defense (isn’t it the same for all of us?).

On the flip side, you’ll never know anyone more devoted, reliable, faithful and generous when you’re welcomed into their hearts. No other sign will hold your hand or dry your eyes when you cry, fight your battles as if they were their own and laugh over obstacles and tribulations (their humor is more on the macabre side).

Scorpio personality traits

  • Obsessive

  • Emotional

  • Secretive

  • Temperamental

  • Moody

  • Honest

  • Loyal

  • Ambitious

  • Direct

  • Brave

Scorpios at work

Their intoxicating looks and brooding personality can sink ships. It’s a wonderful vibe to have — the ability to demand attention with one glance. This allows them to get to the heart of the matter, problem solve, investigate and understand life’s mysteries, which they don’t shy away from.

Scorpios love fiercely and fully. They are not phony and fake. They’re known as being the most genuine sign of the zodiac as they do not put on airs to attract people. Basically, Scorpios are the ride-or-die type.

They are also very transformative and believe in growth. Scorpios believe that anyone, including themselves, are capable of progressing throughout life. They cheer on people who are making changes in their lives for the better.

The ideal careers for Scorpios are jobs that entail being the power behind the throne, like a detective, actor, mogul, writer, artist, lawyer, stock broker, musician or agent.

Scorpios in love

Scorpios know what they want, and that also applies to love and relationships. Expect the Scorpio to pursue their lover endlessly and intensely, chasing the one they desire to the ends of the earth. These lovers are perceptive, devoted and loyal, on top of being sexy as all get out.

You could say that no other zodiac sign loves harder than Scorpio. After all, they are known to give their all to whomever catches her eye, and lifts her heart.

Here’s how they connect with each zodiac sign.

Scorpio and Aries

This powerful couple is able to accomplish anything together with efficiency. Sometimes Scorpio will feel under appreciated because Aries is not one for undying devotion. The ram can be too hot and cold for Scorpio, who always runs hot.

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Scorpio and Taurus

These fixed signs often find each other and stay committed. However, Scorpio can move a little too fast for the bull, who often is slow at entering a commitment. Scorpio may want Taurus to change, which the bull has a very hard time doing and may resist if it isn’t done gradually.

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Scorpio and Gemini

This is a pair that almost defies logic! Most people think they would not work, but Scorpio gets a kick out of Gemini’s lively stories, and Gemini actually listens to Scorpio’s soothing advice.

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Scorpio and Cancer

Scorpio tries to do the right thing with the crab, resulting in the two playing by the rules a little too much. But they can have fun when they’re having political and worldly debates, which leads to hot chemistry later.

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Scorpio and Leo

Leo love to be in the public eye, while Scorpio prefers to keep it undercover. This may become a hot, if short-lived romance as Leo is too engaged with publicly sharing details of the relationship, which will drive the Scorpio nuts.

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Scorpio and Virgo

Can friends become lovers? Scorpio usually crushes on their Virgo mates for a long time before they put the moves on them, opting to get to know Virgos first and taking it slow. They start with friendship, working their way up to relationship as Virgo unfurls before them.

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Scorpio and Libra

Misunderstandings can take place between these two, but both want to see this work! Scorpio is drawn to the charm of Libra, whom they feel they can effortlessly share all their secrets with.

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Scorpio and Scorpio

Expect hot and exciting nights wrapped up in the sheets with a Scorpio pair. These two have a passionate and tempestuous relationship, but always want to grow and transform together.

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Scorpio and Sagittarius

Scorpio can feel a little uncomfortable around the Sagittarius partner, as they feel scrutinized and judged sometimes. Scorpio tries to transform its energy to adhere to the Sag philosophy, which can be challenging at times.

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Scorpio and Capricorn

These two have lots to talk about and spend their days chatting nonstop. Issues may arise as both have a strong nature, but they usually kiss and make up before the end of day.

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Scorpio and Aquarius

This pair can relate to each other on various levels and have great sexual chemistry as they are both drawn to the taboo. Aquarius will need to be less aloof in order to satisfy Scorpio in the long run.

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Scorpio and Pisces

An excellent astrological pairing, Scorpio feels understood and at ease with Pisces, who can seduce Scorpio with their mysterious nature. All Scorpios love a good mystery.

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Celebrity Scorpios:

  • Lorde

  • Kris Jenner

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Gabrielle Union

  • Katy Perry

  • Winona Ryder

  • Tracee Ellis Ross

  • Willow Smith

  • Drake

  • Amandla Stenberg

  • Ciara

  • Sza

  • Penn Badgley

  • Julia Roberts

  • Rita Wilson

  • Nia Long

  • Pete Davidson

  • Ryan Gosling

  • Lisa Bonet

  • Kiernan Shipka

  • Sean “Diddy” Combs

and more!

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