Jamie Foxx’s daughter shares promising update on actor’s health after mystery illness last year

Jamie Foxx’s daughter Corinne has shared an update on the actor’s health after he suffered a medical emergency last year.

The Oscar-winning actor, 56, was admitted to hospital for an unspecified “medical complication” in April 2023, after which he stepped back from the spotlight for the rest of the year.

Corrine, who is the eldest of Foxx’s two daughters, told ETthat her father is “doing so great” and “amazing” more than a year on from the health scare.

She added that she felt “so grateful” to be working with her dad again on the musical game show Beat Shazam, which allowed her to “spend so much time with him”.

Corrine also revealed that Foxx has picked up a love of a new sport during his recovery. “He’s playing a lot of pickleball,” she said. “That man and pickleball, it’s like he’s playing twice a day every day.”

Back in March, Foxx said that he was finally ready to share more details about the “medical complication” he had suffered – but only in a way that felt right for him.

Foxx, right, with his daughter Corinne (Getty Images,)
Foxx, right, with his daughter Corinne (Getty Images,)

“Everybody wants to know what happened, and I’m going to tell you what happened,” he told the audience at the African American Film Critics Association Special Achievement Awards lunch, while accepting their Producers Award.

“But I’ve gotta do it in my way,” he explained. “I’m gonna do it in a funny way. We’re gonna be on the stage. We’re gonna get back to the standup sort of roots.”

News of Foxx’s undisclosed condition and his subsequent decision to stay out of the public eye prompted speculation over the star’s health last year, with the star eventually forced to debunk various conspiracy theories and rumours.

In an Instagram post shared last summer, he told fans that he’d decided to keep a low profile during his recovery as he “just didn’t want you to see me with tubes running out of me and trying to figure out if I was going to make it through”.