Did you hear a bomb go off in Carolina Forest area? Here’s what we know

An explosive weapon is being set off in the Carolina Forest area in order to dispose of it, Horry County officials say.

The United States Airforce and Horry County Police will dispose of an unexploded ordnance on Tuesday near Stafford Drive and Carolina Forest Boulevard. The explosive device was discovered during a construction project, said Horry County spokesperson Mikayla Moscov.

An unexploded ordnance is an explosive weapon, like a bomb, that did not explode when employed and is at risk at detonation, according to the National Wildlife Coordinating Group.

Parts of Carolina Forest are built atop of a WWII era bombing range so it’s common to find bombs in the area, especially when developing land, The Sun News reported.

Residents may hear a loud noise but “all is well,” said Horry County officials.