Dallas Weather: Heat and humidity continue all week

DALLAS - It's not the heat. It’s the humidity that will get you this week! And you will certainly notice it over the next few days.

While there will be little variation in the overall temperatures this week, the increase in dewpoints into the 70s will make for some very uncomfortable days. We will likely see the heat index peak over 105 (as high as 110). Therefore, expect heat advisories to continue.

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As for sensible weather, the core of the high pressure aloft is still retreating into New Mexico. While we'll still be in the upper 90s to near 100, high above the ground upper-level winds will slowly be shifting northwest.

That has the potential to take some storms from Kansas/Oklahoma into our Red River counties overnight into Tuesday morning. Remember, it's hard to track something that hasn't formed yet, so expect some fine-tuning.

The one day with at least some storm chances is Tuesday. That's all. We'll see if anything survives from Oklahoma on Tuesday morning (NE counties).

Then, as we heat up to near 100 again with a heat index near 110, any outflow from those earlier storms could trigger new storms in the afternoon.

The best chances for that would again be for areas north and east of DFW. Storms could have gusty winds and lightning.

By Thursday the core of the high pressure starts to build back into Texas. That may end up being the hottest day of the bunch (near 101).

As the high builds overhead and eventually heads off to the east of our area, we may dip by a degree or two due to flow off the Gulf. But that will keep the humidity high as we move into the early days of July.

No records are expected, but we'll remain a few degrees above average for a while.

Stay cool!