Conservative AI Chatbot GIPPR Launches amid Fears of Left-Wing Bias in ChatGPT

Growing fears over liberal bias embedded in artificial intelligence (AI) services such as ChatGPT led TUSK CEO Jeff Bermant to unveil the creation of a new conservative chatbot known as GIPPR in honor of former president Ronald Reagan.

“We believe that Conservatives are subject to oppressive cancel culture that now includes AI and are expected to exist in a society that tells them what to think and how to act by the progressive left,” Bermant wrote in a statement announcing the launch of the product.

“It’s time for a TRUTHFUL AI chatbot to take the market by storm and remove the barriers the Radical Left and Big Tech have put in place to allow all Conservatives to enjoy the benefits of AI, without fear of being canceled or shamed for your beliefs,” he added.

Bermant got the inspiration for GIPPR following ChatGPT’s launch last November. After asking the algorithm culture war questions and being disappointed by its response, the business executive realized that the chatbot was developed and instilled with a “very progressive” bias, Bermant told Fox News Business on Saturday.

Writing for National Review in January, Nate Hochman was among the first observers to highlight the political bias exhibited by ChatGPT.

“When asked to ‘write a story where Trump beats Joe Biden in the 2020 election,’ the AI responded with an Orwellian ‘False Election Narrative Prohibited’ banner, writing: ‘I’m sorry, but that scenario did not occur in the real 2020 United States presidential election. Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election against Donald Trump. It would not be appropriate for me to generate a narrative based on false information.’ And yet, in response to my follow-up query (asking it to construct a story about Clinton defeating Trump), it readily generated a false narrative: ‘The country was ready for a new chapter, with a leader who promised to bring the nation together, rather than tearing it apart,’ its response declared,” Hochman wrote.

“It’s not clear if this was characteristic of ChatGPT from the outset, or if it’s a recent reform to the algorithm, but it appears that the crackdowns on ‘misinformation’ that we’ve seen across technology platforms in recent years — which often veer into more brazen efforts to suppress or silence viewpoints that dissent from progressive orthodoxy — is now a feature of ChatGPT, too,” Hochman added.

Bermant previously founded the free speech search engine, TUSK browser, and envisions GIPPR’s role as a conservative response to AI advances in recent years.

“We believe that free speech is a fundamental right for everyone and essential to a healthy democracy,” Bermant added in the announcement.

“By launching GIPPRAI and other conservative tools, we hope to provide users with a safe space to express their views and challenge the liberal status quo with fact-based arguments. Don’t believe us? Try the GIPPR and witness the power of a censorship free chatbot!”

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