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Trump to reverse Obama-era transgender rulesKellyanne Conway blasts CNN in defense of husbandTrump says N. Korea crisis has 'a long way' to goWitness says Waffle House 'hero' stopped gunmanNude gunman kills four people at Waffle HouseRomney fails to win GOP nomination for SenateScientists can't figure out this odd effect of potThe world's pldest person has died at 117 years oldReport: Clinton spread conspiracy about Trump, NYTGunman entered restaurant to fatally shoot deputiesRussia calls on US after N. Korean moveTeen faces terrorism charges in Fla. school shootingSouth Koreans skeptical of North Korea's promisesJudge sees 'gaping holes' in Trump lawyer bidWater scooter gunmen reportedly open fire on beachDaniels considering suing Trump for defamationStudents asked to list 'positive' parts of slaveryTop Dems introduce bills to push for marijuanaSee the most detailed of the Northern Hemisphere yetSouthwest passenger tried to pull woman 'back in'Frat bros in awful video dig themselves in deep holeHere are the biggest revelations from Comey's memosValero's Texas City refinery hit by explosionAndrew McCabe case referred to US attorney's officeMan with HIV gets life for purposely infecting datesFDA advisers recommend first CBD oil productVideo shows inmate carrying knife during prison riotPuerto Rico restores power to over 1.1 million homesDrug smuggler known as 'Cocaine Babe' sentencedReport reveals staggering pollution plaguing USThe US Air Force is short on fighter pilotsSCOTUS restricts deportations of immigrant felonsHaley makes ominous warning to Syria after strikeSigns of big case struggles as SCOTUS pace slackensFDA probes professor over unauthorized vaccineWeighing hogs and watching Twitter in rural IllinoisActivists are up-cycling guns to help plant treesSuspected Syrian chemical attack: What happened?Russia is jamming American drones in SyriaFlint braces as Michigan shuts down water sitesHIV rates for teens in Africa reach alarming levelPowerball: $455M winning ticket sold in PennsylvaniaGOP senator reveals when Justice Kennedy will retireCalif. has worst quality of life in all 50 states


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