Grandmother-to-be has no idea what's going on during pregnancy reveal

Grandmother-to-be has no idea what's going on during pregnancy reveal

"Eye mag own abbey aground mow there."

That was the phrase a Pennsylvania woman kept repeating during a family game of Mad Gab before she burst into screams of excitement when she realized the line actually meant, "I'm going to be a grandmother."

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Ashley Embry, 34, of Nashville, Tennessee wanted to come up with a fun way to surprise her mom, Wendy Hertzog, 63, with her pregnancy.

"She loves surprises," Embry told "I knew it would be more fun if we made it a playful announcement rather than a straightforward announcement.

"This is her first grandchild and I wanted to make it special."

She and her husband, Mason Embry, 35, invited her mother to their Tennessee home for a visit, and after they had gone out for dinner, Ashley suggested they play a game of Mad Gab, where players read a nonsensical sentence that actually sounds like a phrase when read aloud, Caters News reported.

She explained she had made two special cards, one that would reveal Hertzog was about to become a grandmother, and one that read, "Hash lean may sonar Prague nut," to mean "Ashley and Mason are pregnant."

Embry said she designed the cards using Photoshop and asked advice from the copy center of which paper to purchase to make her special cards look identical to the rest.

And it is obvious Hertzog didn't suspect a thing.

After several attempts to guess the phrase, and nearly giving up at one point, Hertzog screamed in surprise and jumped up to envelop her daughter in a hug.

"She is very excitable," Embry said. "If I had just sat her down and said, 'We're pregnant,' she probably would have had the same reaction."

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Her father, who passed away four years ago, will never get to meet his first grandson, but the mother-to-be said her family will continue to find ways to celebrate his life.

On the anniversary of his death, Embry said they heard their daughter's heartbeat for the first time.

"He was really looking forward to having grandchildren," she explained. "What better way to celebrate his life than to see him living on in another generation?"

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