Reno, Nev. Workers Choose Lunch Over $3,000 Bonus

<b class="credit">Facebook/ShortStack</b>

Would you rather receive a $3,000 bonus or a free lunch every week with your coworkers? You might assume most workers would choose the money, especially because such a bounty is the rough equivalent of a $60 meal per week, before taxes. But as Fast Company recently reported, the 10-person local team of the Reno, Nevada company, pictured right, unanimously opted for the free weekly lunch over the bank account boost.

For starters, why was such a choice even given to the workers at ShortStack, a tech startup that designs custom Facebook pages? Simple: the free Friday lunches -- a tradition since it was founded in 2011 -- got expensive as the company's staff grew. So CEO and founder Jim Belosic says his accountant