FarmVille Hot Spring: Everything you need to know


After the launch of the Fishing Hole in FarmVille, a structure that offers users a chance to collect Special Delivery Boxes once per day (something many farmers probably aren't at a lack of), we've seen yet another functional building released for our farms, with just as questionable a purpose. The Hot Spring can be now be constructed and upgraded on our farms, with each one giving you a chance to collect Fertilizers everyday.

To be especially clear, these don't appear to be Fertilize All bags, bur rather individual Fertilizers. If you have a need for these items, which give you extra experience points when actually tending crops, you can now construct a single Hot Spring on a single farm using a new supply of building materials:

  • 32 Bed Rock

  • 32 Mineral Infusion

  • 32 Steam

You can earn these items by asking your friends to send them to you, but you'll need to earn all of these items each time you wish to construct a new Hot Spring, with one being available to build on each of your farms. Once you collect these parts, you can collect even more to upgrade the Hot Spring and chance its appearance in the process.

Again, once you construct the Hot Spring, you'll be able to collect bags of Fertilizer from it, but I'm left to wonder just how many players actually need Fertilizer and don't already have a supply on hand in their Gift Boxes. Perhaps this Hot Spring will receive an additional purpose at a later date, and if that happens, we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of this Hot Spring? Will you use it everyday to collect Fertilizer, or do you think this particular structure isn't worth the space it takes up on your farm(s)? Sound off in the comments.