What Has This Got to Do with How You Do Your Job?


Columbia University political science professor Joseph Epstein might be better off living among the Swiss. In that nation, the upper house of the parliament has drafted a bill which would allow incest to take place among consenting adults. The activity would no longer be classified as 'criminal.' By 'adults,' the bill means those who have reached the age of consent.

On December 9, 2010, Epstein was charged with one count of incest in the third degree. Allegedly he had a three year sexual relationship with his daughter who is now 24. According to these allegations, his daughter was of the age of consent during the period in question. The university newspaper the Columbia Spectator reports that 'Epstein is now on administrative leave and is no longer teaching students.' Esptein's defense attorney, Matthew Galluzzo, notes that Epstein has not yet been convicted.

However, even if convicted, you have to wonder if what happens in a relationship between consenting adults, blood relatives or not, should have any bearing on your job. Are the Swiss more progressive than Americans when it comes to labor issues?