Just how misguided is Bravo's new Gossip Girl-style reality series?


Gossip Girl

is SO over. After the death of Wall Street, the CW soap which chronicles the lives of Manhattan's young elite, is just plain silly. The series, known not for its high viewership, but for the love lives of its off-screen actors, has just become comical.

The bad writing on the show has grown a cult-like following. But even the humor of campy dialogue between unreal characters can't save it now. The show's writers have done nothing to address the recession, and as a result the dalliances, parties, and feuds of the beautiful people have just become boring. Sure, Nate's dad was busted for fraud, but it wasn't like he was running a Ponzi scheme or anything. In real life, even the wealthiest New Yorker can be found shopping at discount headquarters Century 21. And that was before the recession.

So leave it to Bravo, the network that had one hit with Project Runway, and then based its entire programming copying this reality show model, to resurrect this tired subject. (The Weinstein Company was fed up that Bravo didn't pay any royalties on the PR model, and after a heavy legal battle, took its hit series to Lifetime).