Footed pajamas for adults are the next Snuggie


What if you could return to your childhood for $40? Not the part where you cried after getting a shot at the doctor's office, but the cold winter night where you snuggled into your footy pajamas before going to bed.

Remember that feeling of security? It's back in the form of footed pajamas that may surpass the Snuggie -- the big blanket rage that has swept the nation in keeping people warm. Mark my words. Seven months from now everyone will have footed pajamas and those Snuggies will be in the trash.

Valerie Johnson's Big Feet Pajama Co. is one of the many companies focusing on adults footy pajamas. Her company expects $2.5 million in sales this year, mostly from strong orders for net winter's holiday season. The drive to push the Snuggie and the Slanket out the door is on.

There's also,, which has all kinds of fun patterns, and, whose foot pads on the bottom look exactly like the non-skid ones I had as a kid.