When the economy gets tough, the Brits buy...bras?


During times of financial turmoil, consumer spending tends to drop across the board, with a few exceptions for the things that are simply necessary, like household groceries. But surprising new data from froggybank.co.uk, the UK's leading cash-back shopping network, indicates that lingerie might just be recession-proof.

Underwear sales in Britian are up by 2% in the last three months, while markets for just about everything else have plunged. While the idea of a recession is demoralizing for most, small personal luxuries and treats are important. While Americans generally turn to cheap ice cream to get through the rough times, Brits value their intimate apparel to keep spirits high.

Froggybank.co.uk marketing manager Nadeem Azam stated, "We found the statistics surprising but the figures prove internet shopping still offers good value no matter what's happening to the economy."

Buying bras may not do much to fix the economy's problems, but hey, when the sky is falling all around you, it is some consolation to know that you're going to look good [nearly] naked.