Network marketing responsible for 20% of the world's millionaires?


On his website, Dr. Ladd McNamara extols the benefits of network marketing: "20% of all millionaires in the world made their fortune through the Network Marketing system," he writes.

But if 20% of the world's millionaires got that way through multi-level marketing, they also apparently go that way through tax evasion. In a paper titled Who Profits from Multi-Level Marketing? Prepares of Utah Tax Returns Have the Answer, Consumer Awareness Institute President Dr. Jon M. Taylor wrote about his interviews with tax preparers about multi-level marketing:

A manager of H&R Block in northern Utah, told me that during his 25 years of doing over 12,000 tax returns a year between he and his group, they could not remember a single client who had reported a significant profit over any appreciable period of time in MLM! ... And a tax software developer, who dealt with thousands of tax preparers across the country, said he had asked about 100 of them if they had ever seen a profit reported from MLM participation. None had. This was out of a total of over a million tax returns ...