It's a girl scout-eat-girl scout world out there. We just order cookies in it


It's Girl Scout Cookie time again. And the little girls in green are already making headlines. Hopefully, however, the headlines won't be as ugly as this one.

A ten-year-old Girl Scout snuck out to sell her cookies without an adult chaperone, per Girl Scout of America rules, and was the victim of highway robbery. Well, bike-way robbery. A 12-year-old girl in her neighborhood stopped to order cookies from the younger girl, and filled out her order form before snatching the Scout's bag of money and fleeing on bicycle.

The cookie-nabber, however, was the victim of her own inexperience. She'd filled out the cookie order form with her name and address before swiping the cash, and police arrived at her apartment quickly. The accused denied the action. I wonder what she'll think when she doesn't get her cookies. A police investigation continues.

Her mother, meanwhile, is not commenting. No doubt she is mortified with the international press attention her daughter's alleged actions bringing down on her.

In the meantime, it bears repeating that Girl Scouts between the ages of 6 and 11 aren't allowed to sell cookies without an adult. Troops can be whipped into a frenzy in a contest of who can sell the most boxes of cookies, but there are checks and balances in place.

Now who's gonna sell me some Thin Mints?