The most popular 2024 baby registry must-haves as picked by parents

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Building a baby registry from scratch can feel a bit daunting. Above all, you'll want to be prepared with the things you'll need when your little one arrives.

Babylist has put together the ultimate cheat sheet to get your baby registry off to a great start, based on this year's most-trusted baby basics according to thousands of Babylist parentsA baby registry checklist can help you see what you need and mark it off in real-time (so satisfying!). Armed with this gear, you'll feel confident and better prepared for your new addition.

Need a little help getting started? Check out sample registries for some inspiration from favorite stores like Etsy and Wayfair as well as roundups of different registry types, like if you're adopting, are on a budget, live in a city, or want to focus on eco-friendly products.

What gear to add to your baby registry

An infant car seat

The minute you plan to take baby anywhere—including home from the hospital—you're going to need a car seat. You have two choices for your newborn: an infant car seat (typically designed for baby's first year) or a convertible car seat (this grows with your baby from newborn into their toddler years and beyond). The Nuna Pipa RX Infant Car Seat is a popular pick for its light weight, easy install, extra safety features and good looks.

A bassinet

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents room-share with their baby (but not bed-share) for at least the first six months of life. A convenient bassinet with a small footprint like the Halo Bassinet will help you do just that. The base tucks right under your bed so it doesn't take up much space, and the sheer mesh sides allow you to easily see baby as they snooze, giving you more peace of mind. The two-in-one design converts the bassinet to a portable nest for around the house. See Babylist's picks for the best bassinet.

A baby carrier

Some babies have a harder time transitioning from womb to the world than others. Babywearing mimics the closeness and comfort they once enjoyed on the inside, while allowing you to carry baby hands-free (a lifesaver if you want to get anything done during the day!). The newborn-friendly carrier from Ergobaby combines the softness of a wrap with the structured support of a carrier. It's smaller, lighter, and much easier to get on (a huge plus during those first few months) and can be used until your baby hits about 25 pounds. See Babylist's picks of the best baby carriers.

A stroller

A stroller that meets your lifestyle needs will make life out and about with your baby so much easier. While there's no one perfect stroller out there, there is likely a perfect stroller for you. Refer to this handy stroller cheat sheet if you're looking for some stroller guidance. The Mockingbird stroller is a favorite pick of Babylist parents and editors, as it's super versatile, easy to fold, and sleek-looking. See Babylist's picks of the best strollers of 2024.

What clothes to add to your baby registry

5–10 Bodysuits

Between spit-ups and blowouts, newborns can go through several outfits in a day. Many parents opt for bodysuits for daytime wear because they're easy, comfortable and downright adorable.

4 Footies

Footies—baby bodysuits with build-in feet—are a baby wardrobe staple. They work for daytime, sleep and can even be paired with a swaddle for nighttime in colder climates. Sleep & Play footies from Carter's are well-priced, comfy, and easy to get on and off thanks to the zipper.

2–3 Hats

Keeping your baby's head warm helps them regulate their body temperature. If you're headed outside in cooler climates, or the temp in your home dips at night, have a few hats at the ready. For example, Copper Pearl Top Knot Hats come in several sweet patterns. They're lightweight and breathable so your newborn can stay cozy without overheating.

Knotted gowns are more than just cute—they're an easy, all-in-one outfit for those early days that make diaper changes (and keeping your new baby warm and cozy) a breeze. One example is from sustainable brand Tiny Kind, which includes a gown along with a matching bandana bib, swaddle blanket, and knotted hat. Everything is made from 100% organic cotton so it's gentle on baby's sensitive skin.

3–5 Swaddles

Babies are born with an involuntary startle reflex called the Moro Reflex. Until your baby is three to four months old, you may notice that loud noises (or even bad dreams) will trigger them to throw their hands suddenly in the air, waking them from sleep. Swaddling your baby helps reduce the likelihood they'll wake from startling. While you can master the technique of swaddling with a standard swaddle blanket, many Babylist parents choose the Halo SleepSack Swaddle because its foolproof Velcro swaddle wrap design means you won't have to learn any fancy swaddling techniques to give your newborn a better night's sleep. See Babylist picks of the best swaddles.

6 pairs of socks

While shoes aren't necessary for newborns, you should still consider keeping their toes toasty when you head outside in cooler temperatures or if the temperatures drop while they sleep. We recommend socks that are soft, stretchy, and have skid-proof bottoms.

Preloved baby clothes

Who doesn't love hand-me-downs? Make the most of your fashion-forward friends and ask for gently used clothes. It's easy on the environment and on your wallet as you start to stockpile a wardrobe for baby.

What to add to your baby registry: Diapering

Newborn diapers

While you shouldn't stock up on months' worth of newborn diapers quite yet (babies grow quickly, and some even wear size ones right from birth), you will want to have at least some on hand so you won't be stuck scrambling to the store as soon as baby comes home. Super absorbent and durable, Babylist parents chose Pampers more than any other brand when shopping for diapers. Register for a pack of newborns and size 1s, and consider registering for a diaper fund so gift-givers can help you out with your future expenses.


You'll soon find that you can't go wrong with having a stash of baby wipes at the ready in every room of your house. Babylist's gear editor tested 13 different brands of baby wipes and landed on Kirkland wipes as the number one pick. And it turns out Babylist parents love them, too

Diaper cream

Baby wears a diaper 24/7, so a good diaper cream or ointment provides a soothing barrier between their bum and a wet nappy. While there are many diaper creams to choose from, Triple Paste Diaper Rash Cream is made from zinc oxide (FDA-recognized and proven to treat and help prevent diaper rash) and has a thick consistency to form a protective barrier between the diaper and your baby's sensitive new skin.

What to add to your baby registry: Feeding

A bottle sampler

You might be among the folks whose baby takes to whichever bottles you choose. Unfortunately, for many parents this isn't the case, and they'll end up trying a few types of bottles before landing on the right one. Arm your registry with Babylist's bottle box, which features five popular bottles so you and your baby can figure out which one works best.

Baby formula

Even if you plan on exclusively breastfeeding, there are a lot of reasons why you'll appreciate having a backup supply of formula on hand. Many breastfeeding parents report that their supply dips occasionally, whether due to illness or hormonal changes (like getting your period). Enfamil NeuroPro Non-GMO is a Babylist parent favorite for exclusive formula feeding, supplementing or for peace of mind for breastfeeding parents.

A few pacifiers

Pacifiers are much like bottles in that your baby is likely going to have a preference, regardless of which one you register for. The Pacifier Box makes it easy to try several brands and styles at once, and you can stock up on whatever your baby likes once they make their preferences known.

10–20 burp cloths

You'll rarely find a new parent without a burp cloth draped over their shoulder. Look for one that's absorbent and has been proven to hold up wash after wash. These are oversized and have six layers of 100% cotton, making them extra absorbent.

We also love Burt's Bees Baby Organic Burp Cloths, which are unbelievably soft and also made from 100% organic cotton, with a tri-fold design that makes them easy to fold and store. See Babylist's picks of the best burp cloths.

What to add to your baby registry: Sleep & first aid

Baby first aid kit

You could build your own baby first aid kit (here's a great list of what to include in a DIY Baby First Aid Kit), or you could save time and hassle and choose a kit instead. The Babylist First Aid Kit was created with pediatric ER doctors, with hospital-grade medical supplies and soothers you'll want for baby's first year, including a nasal bulb, baby nail clippers, a thermometer, and more, plus info on infant/toddler CPR, fever/medication dosing chart, red flags to call 9-1-1 or go to the ER, and step-by-step instructions written by emergency doctors.

A nightlight & sound machine

The womb is a noisy place! It's a bit like being just below the surface of a pond in the middle of a bustling city. It's no wonder why babies find it comforting to fall asleep to white noise or a sound machine. The Hatch Rest Night Light and Sound Machine is a favorite because it does double duty: with the touch of a button on the machine (or using the Hatch app on your phone), you can control light and sounds to help baby fall asleep faster and to help you from stumbling in a dark room. See Babylist's picks of the best baby sound machines.

Infant pain reliever

When the first fever or inconsolable teething pain hits, liquid pain relievers such as Infants' Tylenol Oral Suspension are a pediatrician-recommended staple. The flavors and included syringe make it easy for the medicine to go down. Just be sure to ask your doctor about dosage before giving to baby.

What to add to your baby registry: Bathtime

A baby bathtub

A good baby bathtub gives baby a safe spot to rest while you give them a gentle scrub. If you're looking for a tub with longevity, there are several that grow with your baby. The most popular registry pick is the Skip Hop Moby Bathtub, which grows with your little one from the newborn days into toddlerhood and features a sling to keep small babies safe and snug during bathtime. This exclusive bundle comes with two more favorite essentials, a spout cover and a rinser.

Another favorite is Lalo's Bathtime Starter Kit. If you're looking for a sink insert instead, we like FridaBaby's Soft Sink Baby Bath.

3 hooded towels

While you can get away with using the towels you already have on hand, many parents register for infant towels because they're small and easier to wrap around a little one. Plus, if you plan on washing baby's laundry separately from yours and with different detergent, it's nice for baby to have their own.

5–10 washcloths

Washcloths aren't just for bathtime—you'll find yourself using them post-mealtime, at diaper changes and to clean up the occasional spit-up too. Look for an absorbent cloth that'll stand up to frequent washing and is soft against baby's skin. Burt's Bees Baby Organic Washcloths are smooth on one side and have terry looped on the opposite side so you can customize your clean up.

Baby wash and skincare

While newborns don't require soap or shampoo (a gentle bath with just water works fine!), you'll eventually incorporate a body wash and shampoo (or a combination of the two) into baby's bathtime routine. Look for a mild, moisturizing body wash and shampoo that won't dry out skin or irritate eyes. You may also want to use an ointment or a moisturizing cream if your baby's skin is dry or if you find a short massage calms your little one before bed. Babylist parents love Tubby Todd for the brand's dedication to safe, non-toxic and extra-gentle ingredients. The brand offers a set that covers with all of the essentials—and more—and includes a hair and body wash, an everyday lotion, an all-over ointment and even a diaper paste. See Babylist's picks of the best baby shampoo and wash.

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