The Most Epic State Fair Foods In Every State

best state fair foods every state texas peanut butter paradise
The Best State Fair Food In Every StateCourtesy of State Fair of Texas

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There's nothing quite like fair food. You've got your classics like corn dogs, fried Oreos, cotton candy, fried potatoes, and funnel cakes. It wouldn't be a fair without these offerings. But some states have a slew of decadent treats to offer that would stop you in your tracks. We're talking fried butter, pickle-topped pizza, donut burgers, and more. Other state fairs get visitors from far and wide searching for the item that's unique to that state, like Maine's red snapper hot dogs.

We can all agree that it's hard to go wrong when it comes to any fair fare. But, that said, if you want to sprinkle in some unique, can't-miss items, we have picks that come highly recommended by fairgoers from each state.

Alabama: Boiled Peanuts

Boiled peanuts are not to be missed at the Alabama State Fair. Grab a bag of the spicy ones if you're feeling adventurous.

best state fair foods alabama peanuts boiled
Birdlkportfolio - Getty Images

Alaska: Donut Burger

Two words for you: donut burger. As a fairgoer describes one from the Alaska State Fair as "A delicious, delicious disaster. Is it ridiculous? Yes. Would I order it again? Also, yes."

the straw carnival fare in hayes valley in san francisco, is serving up the ringmaster a glazed donut bun cheeseburger during day two of the outside lands music festival in golden gate park in san francisco, california, on sat aug 6, 2016
getty - Getty Images

Arizona: Lobster Roll

When you think Arizona State Fair, you probably don't think "lobster." But apparently, this is the dish to order at the Arizona State Fair.

best state fair food every state arizona lobster roll and french fries, high angle view
Glasshouse Images - Getty Images

Arkansas: Steak Sandwich

According to Kat Robinson with Tie Dye Travels, a steak sandwich from the Arkansas Cattlemen's Association is definitely worth trying at the Arkansas State Fair. It comes piled high with steak, caramelized onions, cheese, and a special horseradish sauce.

best state fair foods arkansas steak samich
dirkr - Getty Images

California: Beef Rib

Rumor has it you shouldn't leave the California State Fair without trying the beef ribs from Soul On a Roll. Get a plate of shrimp and grits while you're at it.

best state fair food every state california beef rib
Education Images - Getty Images

Colorado: Sloppers

Every year, the Colorado State Fair hosts the World Slopper Eating Championship. What's a slopper, you ask? It's an open-faced cheeseburger covered in green chile.

burgers on charcoal grill
Ali Majdfar - Getty Images

Connecticut: Big Donut

In the mood for sweets? If you're in Connecticut, head to the Durham Fair and snag "The Original Big Donut" at The Dough House.

big donut durham state fair
Jennifer Schulten

Delaware: Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream is hard to beat. That's especially true if you're at the Delaware State Fair, where you can grab a scoop or two from the UDairy Creamery. They make ice cream using milk harvested from cows at the University of Delaware's College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

best state fair food delaware udairy creamery
stock-eye - Getty Images

Florida: Funnel Cake Sandwich

There are plenty of classics to enjoy at the Florida State Fair, like deep-fried pickles, but we have our eyes on the new funnel cake sandwich—piled high with Spanish pork, smoked ham, Genoa salami, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, and mustard.

florida state fair funnel cake sandwich
Florida State Fair

Georgia: Korean BBQ Fries

Last year, Meester Mike's took home the "Best Savory" award at the Georgia National Fair for its Korean BBQ Fries, which are topped with kimchi and Korean BBQ.

best state fair foods meester mikes
Georgia National Fair

Hawaii: Poke Bowls

Word on the street is that you should definitely get a poke bowl from at the Hawaii State Fair.

best state fair foods hawaii poke bowl
Randy Risling - Getty Images

Idaho: Twister Potatoes

For obvious reasons, you can't go to the Eastern Idaho State Fair without getting a ribbon-cut fried potato on a stick—and the Garlic Truffle Tortatoe from Tortatoes is a fan favorite.

fried potato chips on stick, spiral potatoes fried, on wooden sticks, spiral selling food at the market unhealthy fried street food
LittleElefant - Getty Images

Illinois: Apple Pie Fries

We hear the apple pie fries from Truckin Good Food at the Illinois State Fair win big. Honeycrisp apples are cut into strips, dipped in cornstarch, fried, tossed with sugar, and topped with whipped cream.

best state fair food every state illinois apple pie fries
Illinois State Fair

Indiana: Pickle Pizza

Calling all pickle lovers! 2022's "Taste of the Fair" winner at the Indiana State Fair was the pickle pizza from Swain's Concessions.

best state fair foods indiana pickle pizza
megaflopp - Getty Images

Iowa: Corn Dog

Iowa hosts one of the most iconic state fairs. And according to a poll, there's no Iowa State Fair food more iconic than the corn dog.

best state fair food every state hand holds up a pronto pup smothered in mustard at the fairgrounds in summer
Melissa Kopka - Getty Images

Kansas: Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Lollipop

Bacon. Wrapped. Chicken. Enough said! Grab one of these from Jackson Meat if you find yourself at the Kansas State Fair.

best state fair foods bacon wrapped chicken lollipop kansas bacon wrapped chicken lollipop at the kansas state fair
Mark Reinstein - Getty Images

Kentucky: BBQ Pulled Pork Mac 'n Cheese

You'll find plenty of Kentucky State Fair food recommendations here, but at the top of the list is the BBQ pulled pork mac n' cheese from Sivori Catering.

bbq mac and cheese
Sivori Catering

Louisiana: Deep-Fried Oreos

This is a fair food classic. Multiple local outlets recommend trying these when you head to the State Fair of Louisiana.

best state fair food louisiana deep fried oreos
Tom Pennington - Getty Images

Maine: Red Snapper Hot Dog

Maine's known for these distinctive red hot dogs, so if you're at the Bangor State Fair, you've gotta try one.

best state fair foods maine red snapper hot dogs maine's distinctive
BDMcIntosh - Getty Images

Maryland: Peach Sundae

Does anything sound more refreshing at a state fair than a peach sundae? One fairgoer calls Maryland State Fair's "an absolute must-try."

panna cotta with peach
mpessaris - Getty Images

Massachusetts: Fried Butter

Everyone needs to try fried butter at least once, right? Look for some at The Big E. And if you're wondering how it works, the secret is that the butter is wrapped in dough before being fried.

best state fair food massachusetts fried butter
Lucas Richarz / - Getty Images

Michigan: Elephant Ears

Whether you call them elephant ears, fried dough, saucers, or something else, we can all agree that this is an essential fair food. Don't leave the Michigan State Fair without some.

best fair foods every state michigan elephant ears
BHOFACK2 - Getty Images

Minnesota: Corn on the Cob

To quote last year's viral sensation, Corn Kid, "It's corn! ... I can't imagine a more beautiful thing." And according to Discover the Cities, "There's no corn like Minnesota State Fair Corn." Try it with butter, of course, and your life will be forever changed.

steamed corn on the cob on display at christmas market
VictorHuang - Getty Images

Mississippi: Chicken on a Stick

Penn's Fish House at the Mississippi State Fair comes highly recommended. There, you can try chicken tenders, chicken on a stick, popcorn shrimp, and more.

best state fair foods mississippi chicken on stick
mady70 - Getty Images

Missouri: Pork Sandwich

Any trip to the Missouri State Fair wouldn't be complete without a stop by the Pork Place. We'll let you guess what's on the menu there.

missouri state fair pork sandwich
Courtesy of Missouri Pork Association

Montana: Old-Fashioned Lemonade

There's no shortage of food at the Montana State Fair—including its famous deep-fried meatball called The Viking—but we'd be remiss if we didn't encourage you to wash it all down with another fair favorite: old-fashioned lemonade.

urban lemonade stand
ecastill0 - Getty Images

Nebraska: Sweet Potato Tots

Head to Hardenbook's at the Nebraska State Fair to enjoy unique sweet potato tots. Word on the street is that you can even get them with cinnamon, marshmallow cream, and caramel.

best state fair food nebraska sweet potato tots
Insergwetrust - Getty Images

Nevada: Cotton Candy

The Nevada State Fair may be on the smaller side, but rest assured, there's plenty of delicious food to try, including cotton candy, mini donuts, caramel apples, loaded fries, and more.

best state fair foods nevada cotton candy
Maica - Getty Images

New Hampshire: Apple Cider Donuts

The Hopkinton State Fair in New Hampshire takes place at the very beginning of fall, so why not kick off the season with a plate of apple cider donuts from Pat's Apple Crisp and Cider Donuts?

best state fair food new hampshire apple cider donuts
Ray Tan - Getty Images

New Jersey: Rainbow Kettle Corn

At the State Fair Meadowlands in New Jersey, you won't find just any ol' kettle corn—you'll find rainbow kettle corn.

multicolored kettle popcorn on wooden background soft focus
Elif Bayraktar - Getty Images

New Mexico: Green Chile Cheese Curds

Cheese curds are already a fair food staple, but when you add famed green chiles at the New Mexico State Fair, it takes things to the next level.

best state fair foods new mexico green chili cheese curds
JoeChristensen - Getty Images

New York: Dole Whip

If you find yourself at the Great New York State Fair instead of Disney, don't fret, you can still score some Dole Whip. The dairy-free pineapple soft-serve treat is an absolute delight.

dole whip
Taquanna Barnes - Getty Images

North Carolina: Korean Corn Dogs

There are plenty of eye-catching offerings at the North Carolina State Fair, from deep-fried bacon mac-n-cheese tacos to Pepsi-glazed mini donuts. But Korean corn dogs from goldenKdog—made with sausage or mozzarella cheese (or both), coated with panko breadcrumbs or small potato cubes, and deep fried—should definitely be on your list.

best fair foods every state north carolina korean corn dogs
BHOFACK2 - Getty Images

North Dakota: Yo-Yo Cookies

There are tons of delicious options at the North Dakota State Fair, including the Yo-Yo Cookie: a cookie sandwich made with frosting or ice cream.

yoyo shortbread biscuits
GEOLEE - Getty Images

Ohio: Deep-Fried Buckeyes

We've written about deep-fried buckeyes before, so consider this your reminder to grab a serving if you're at the Ohio State Fair.

best state fair food ohio deep fried buckeyes
DANIEL OWEN/Ohio State Fair

Oklahoma: Apple Pie Cherry Bites

These apple pie churro bites are officially the best thing to get at the Oklahoma State Fair. They literally won "FAIRest of Them All" in 2022.

best state fair food apple pie churro bites
Courtesy of the Oklahoma State Fair

Oregon: Sushi

As one Oregon State Fair spokesperson told Portland Monthly, "The concept of fair food is changing." That means, in addition to all sorts of fried goodness here—from classics, like elephant ears, to novelties, like fried Reese's and even fried soda—you can find full-blown meals, like sushi.

sushi in box lunches
Sparky - Getty Images

Pennsylvania: Philly Cheesesteaks

At the York State Fair, you'll want to grab at least one Philly cheesesteak. And unsurprisingly, you'll have plenty of options.

philly cheesesteak
Sergio Amiti - Getty Images

Rhode Island: Strawberry Shortcake

Rhode Island doesn't technically have a state fair, but the Washington County Fair takes place in Richmond, Rhode Island. Expect to find standard fair goodies, including strawberry shortcake.

best state fair foods each state rhode island strawberry shortcake
Tracey Kusiewicz/Foodie Photography - Getty Images

South Carolina: Turkey Leg

One fairgoer described a turkey leg at the South Carolina State Fair as "savagely delicious." We're in.

best state fair food south carolina turkey leg
MWCPhoto - Getty Images

South Dakota: Smoked Roast Beef Sandwich

At the South Dakota State Fair, be sure to snag one of the 1,000 smoked roast beef sandwiches that South Dakota Cattlemen's Association makes daily.

roast beef sandwich with au jus on a toasted onion bun
LauriPatterson - Getty Images

Tennessee: Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Freeze Off competition is a Tennessee State Fair favorite each year. We don't need an excuse to eat ice cream, but we'll take it!

hand holds up a chocolate soft serve ice cream against the bright blue sky with amusement park ride in background
Melissa Kopka - Getty Images

Texas: Peanut Butter Paradise

There's plenty of creative fried food and decadent desserts to enjoy at the State Fair of Texas. But the winner of the Big Tex Choice Awards (in the sweet category) was this Peanut Butter Paradise—a.k.a. a honey bun injected with caramel and topped with peanut butter and a ton of candy.

best state fair foods every state texas peanut butter paradise
Courtesy of State Fair of Texas

Utah: Boba

The bubble tea from Boba King at the Utah State Fair is "on another level," fairgoers say.

take away drinks concept
tashka2000 - Getty Images

Vermont: Fried Dough

This tried-and-true classic is apparently the thing to get if you're at the Vermont State Fair. Fried dough topped with sugar, cinnamon, and chocolate...what's not to love?

best state fair food vermont fried dough
LauriPatterson - Getty Images

Virginia: Chocolate-Dipped Cheesecake

Cheesecake dipped in creamy chocolate? Say less. This is apparently one of the best things you can eat at the State Fair of Virginia.

best state fair food virginia chocolate dipped cheesecake
krblokhin - Getty Images

Washington: Scone

Take it from Seattle Refined, which says that the scones at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup are "just the kind of rich, warm, doughy, carby goodness that will prep you for a long day of crowds and fun."

best state fair foods washington scone
400tmax - Getty Images

West Virginia: Ham Biscuit

We hear the best thing to eat at the State Fair of West Virginia is a ham biscuit. It's the signature dish of the state fair, after all.

best state fair foods west virginia ham biscuits country ham biscuits
© Michael Grayson - Getty Images

Wisconsin: Cream Puffs

Betcha didn't know that the most popular item at the Wisconsin State Fair actually isn't cheese curds—it's cream puffs! They've been sold at the event since 1924 and are the most popular treat among fairgoers.

best state fair food wisconsin cream puff
Anna Makarenkova - Getty Images

Wyoming: Beef

The Wyoming State Fair is all about the beef. You can snack on BBQ ribs, steaks, and—of course—a classic hamburger.

400tmax - Getty Images

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