Meet the top investors who have bought nearly 1,000 Lexington homes since 2019

The following real estate investors together acquired at least 913 residential properties in Lexington from 2019 through the start of this summer, usually through limited liability corporations (LLCs), according to a Herald-Leader analysis of public land records.

They ranked at the top of the list for the most residential properties acquired during this three-and-a-half-year period.

1. Shane Coleman Eckman, 48, of Lexington, 126 properties.

Eckman Management LLC, Eckman Properties LLC, Reclaimed Development LLC (with Jeffrey Donovan Weaver, 45, of Versailles)

Retired in 2015 as a regional director of sales at Xerox, Eckman buys properties in older Lexington neighborhoods, sometimes from foreclosures, inheritances or landlords ready to cash out. He has a portfolio of about 180 residential and commercial properties.

2. Jeffrey Irwin Moore, 37, of Lexington, 122 properties.

MJH Holdings LLC (with Matthew Devon White), Tulip Poplar Capital LLC, KYOZ LLC (with White and Justin Johnson), Sassafras OZ LLC, Grey Cat Holdings LLC (with Julia Moore), The Nest Opportunity Fund LLC

Moore, who is from Greenup County, got into real estate as a 19-year-old University of Kentucky student and today invests in both real estate and stocks. Apart from his own portfolio, Moore is also Lexington director of operations for The Nest Opportunity Fund, an investor-backed fund in Columbus, Ohio, that buys and rehabilitates homes in low-income “opportunity zones” in exchange for capital gains tax breaks.

Jeff Moore, a Lexington real estate investor, holds a phone displaying a photograph taken in the same place before renovations where undertaken on a home on East Seventh Street in Lexington, Ky., on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022.
Jeff Moore, a Lexington real estate investor, holds a phone displaying a photograph taken in the same place before renovations where undertaken on a home on East Seventh Street in Lexington, Ky., on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022.

3. Matthew Devon White, 47, of Lexington, 93 properties.

MJH Holdings LLC (with Jeffrey Irwin Moore), White-Roland LLC (with Gary D. Roland), Lakes Edge Development LLC, Lakes Edge KY LLC, KYOZ LLC (with Moore and Justin Johnson), Kingtree Properties LLC (with Francisco Ramos IV)

White is market president for Fayette County at People’s Exchange Bank in Lexington as well as a real estate investor, working with various partners. He focuses on houses in what he describes as “distressed areas.”

4. Keith Anthony Gadd, 51, of Lexington, 88 properties.

JHT Properties LLC, KWG Properties LLC (with Walter E. Gadd Jr., 75, of Lexington)

Gadd started his career preparing mortgages for Lexington lenders before he switched to real estate investing just ahead of the 2008 housing crash. Today, Gadd owns a couple of hundred homes around Lexington and its suburban counties.

5. Amherst Holdings LLC of Austin, Texas, 71 properties.

Investor-backed Amherst has acquired more than 50,000 homes nationally that are worth more than $8.6 billion. In Lexington, Amherst buys properties through subsidiaries BAF 1 LLC and BAF Assets 4 LLC, but its tenants pay rent to “Main Street Renewal.” It recently bought most of a neighborhood off Georgetown Road, just inside interstates 75 and 64, that was built in 2017 by Briggs Properties.

6. Scott Christian McIntosh, 36, and Christopher David Schuetz, 35, both of Lexington, 67 properties.

RevitaLex LLC, RevitaLex OZ Fund LLC

McIntosh had bought, fixed up and leased out his first house in Lexington by the time he was a freshman at the University of Kentucky in 2004. He and Schuetz, a close friend, started RevitaLex in 2016 to focus on buying and flipping single-family homes. McIntosh also advises investors on how to shield their capital gains by putting their assets in “opportunity zones” in low-income neighborhoods.

7. BRG Realty Group LLC of Cincinnati, Ohio, 65 properties.

BRG bought a collection of rental houses — mostly duplexes — in the suburban south Lexington neighborhood of Hartland Park. The community is called “Hartland Place.” BRG also owns large-scale rental housing in other locations around Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.

8. Samuel Ryan Atkins, 45, of Lexington, 54 properties.

Atkins Homes LLC, A&E Homes LLC

Atkins builds, sells, rents and trades homes. Most of the properties Atkins has acquired in recent years are new homes in either the Hamburg area or a neighborhood off Georgetown Road near interstates 75 and 64.

9. Dennis Ray Anderson, 70, of Lexington, 49 properties.

Anderson Campus Rental Properties LLC, Anderson Homes for Rent LLC, E. Anderson Properties LLC

Anderson, who long has been one of Lexington’s biggest landlords, started as a pharmacist who got into real estate later in life. His developments around the city range from the downtown Park Plaza Apartments, a high-rise, to suburban townhouses. He has built new homes and bought old homes, sometimes through foreclosure sales.

10. Adil Mohammed Mohiuddin, 47, of Louisville, 45 properties.

A Zahed Properties LLC, Adil Properties LLC, Zahed Property Management LLC

Born and educated in Hyderabad, India, Mohiuddin is a doctor at Jane Todd Crawford Hospital in Greensburg. He has bought cheaper homes in older neighborhoods around downtown and the inner suburbs.

11. Alan J. Fahey, 42, and Lauren Chapman Fahey, 41, both of Lexington, 45 properties.

Kentucky Real Estate Buyers LLC, Leathan Properties LLC

Alan Fahey, who is from Bourbon County, has invested in real estate since 2006. His companies concentrate on acquiring family homes in Lexington and its suburbs. Leathan Properties now holds about three dozen rental properties, most of them in older neighborhoods just northeast of downtown Lexington.

12. (tie) Joseph Stanley Back, 26, of Montgomery, Ala., 44 properties.

Woodlark Capital LLC (with James Back), KY Home Investors LLC, First Choice Capital Holdings LLC (with Corey Cope), Tributary Capital LLC (with Eric Martin), Initech X LLC (with Scott Peace)

Back, who is from Woodford County, got involved with Lexington real estate right after graduating from the University of Kentucky. He moved to Montgomery, Ala., to start Rapid Fire Investments but he still keeps a real estate office in Lexington.

12. (tie) Thomas Scott Pennebaker, 42, of Lexington, 44 properties.

Rebuilt Realty LLC, GDP Holdings LLC

Nashville-based Rebuilt LLC is a property investment company with nine locations. The one in Lexington is run by Scott Pennebaker, a Realtor who originally made money with a textbook business. Pennebaker’s GDP Holdings owns a dozen properties near downtown and in the cheapest blocks of the Kenwick neighborhood, near the railroad tracks.