Meet Freddy Rodriguez of menswear blog Blue Perk

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Meet Freddy Rodriguez of menswear blog Blue Perk

"I'm from a small town in Texas -- I grew up there until I was 16. Two years ago, after my first semester at FIT, I went back and I'd made a couple friends who were doing fashion blogs for women, and I thought, OK, maybe this is something I can try out. Since I was bored and wanted to stay involved in the industry, I decided to create a Tumblr. Slowly I started to think, 'OK, I have style', and that's how I started doing the personal style thing."

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"Before selfies were a term, my blog consisted of nothing but selfies. As soon as I got my first gig, which was Aldo, I invested money back into my blog and bought a camera, and hired a photographer to actually take photos of me."

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"Tumblr has been the backbone of my growth. I met Valentine, a fashion evangelist at Tumblr, within a week of getting his job. I emailed him and introduced myself, and we had a meeting. I went to Hawaii for 3 weeks to disconnect from blogging, and the night before I was coming back, I got a call from Valentine saying I'd been selected to participate in the Tumblr fashion week program."

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"I'm very fast-fashion. I love Topman, ASOS, and if I'm going to splurge, I'm going to Barneys. I don't really look at high-end designers -- I have a quick turnaround on clothing. I'll wear it for two weeks and get tired of it and be ready to move on to the next."

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"I love traveling, eating, and trying new restaurants. I'm fortunate enough to have an audience that can help generate revenue for me to travel to places I've never seen before. My plan after college is to travel for a year."

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Freddy Rodriguez, the blogger behind popular menswear blog, Blue Perk, is kind of a fashion jack-of-all-trades.

Between completing his senior year at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, covering New York Fashion Week for Tumblr and MILK Studios, working for Details Magazine, E! News, and several other cool and diverse brands, Freddy manages to find the time to keep his personal style site always looking fresh and updated.

We're still not totally sure how he does it all (while staying completely sane and down-to-earth, might we add), but we sat down with him anyway in our NYC offices to figure it out.

Click through the gallery above to see our interview with Freddy (and peep his street style while you're at it!).
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