McDonald's Is Releasing A New Type Of Ice Cream & Fans Are Impressed

McDonald's is going plant-based in the the sweetest way. Dairy-free customers will be happy to hear that McDonald's is currently testing two new vegan ice cream options: Choco Scoop and Strawberry Scoop.

But before you rush out to your local Mickey D's to try the frozen treat, there is a pretty big catch. As of now, the Choco Scoop and Strawberry Scoop are only available at select McDonald's locations in the U.K.

Fortunately, the new additions are already getting rave reviews from customers, so a test run in the U.S. could be a possibility in the future. Here's hoping!

a cup of coffee

In a Reddit post from earlier this week, one customer described the menu item as "a cross between soft serve and regular ice cream." They also added that they were really "impressed" by the chocolate flavor.

One user, who found the dessert "very tasty," had this to say: "I tried it today too! Was a total surprise to me when I looked at the menu boards. I tried the chocolate version which just tasted like a cold chocolate mousse but was very tasty."

Another person revealed that the vegan ice creams come in tubs and are not dispensed out of an ice cream machine. So, no need to stress about the looming worry of broken ice cream machines. We'll call that a win.

The test run for the Choco Scoop and Strawberry Scoop is expected to come to an end on September 3. Time will only tell if or when they'll come to the U.S.

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