Mark Consuelos Sparks Fan Debate After Calling Out Kelly Ripa's Shower Habits

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  • Mark Consuelos sparked a debate among fans after asking wife Kelly Ripa about her showering habits.

  • Mark asked Kelly if she faced toward or away from the water when showering.

  • Kelly revealed that she does a mix in order to avoid getting her hair wet, and many agreed with her rotating approach.

Mark Consuelos just sparked an unexpected debate on social media, and it all stems from a question involving his wife Kelly Ripa's daily routine.

During a December 14 taping of Live With Kelly and Mark, the Riverdale star surprised the All My Children alum by questioning her shower habits. As he read the details of an article about people's bathing routines aloud, Mark decided to ask his wife a question that people across the internet apparently have on their minds.

"Let me ask you a question," Mark asked while turning to Kelly on the air. "Do you shower the normal way or the other way? Primarily facing the water or are you a back to the water?"

Kelly couldn't help but be shocked by hearing Mark's query—but she shared how she imagined many other women feel about the subject.

"I'm gonna speak to the ladies here," she replied while facing the audience. "You don't wanna get your hair wet because you're trying to extend your blowout. That thing is the devil—I haven't showered a normal way in 15 years! I have to slide in to the side—I slither in. So I come in, I face it, I turn around, I do my work, turn around."

After confirming that Kelly does in fact turn away from the water when showering, Mark high-fived her while admitting he does the same thing. But this also inspired other people to side with Kelly after seeing the clip go viral on TikTok.

"Same Kelly. It’s a mix … start facing the water, switch. Finish, facing water," one person wrote in the comments. "I’m a back to the water! 💦," another agreed. "I slither in 😂😂 I [could] so see her do that too," a different viewer declared.

On the other hand, this also led others to question the entire conversation. "My husband just said he goes sideways. I 'm gonna call the FBI," another remarked. "Someone needs to tell Kelly about shower caps. Curly haired girls know," another replied. "I'm a consistent rotator... what does that mean 😂🤔," a different follower added.

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