March Madness: There are 0 perfect NCAA tournament brackets left after Colorado, Yale upsets on Friday

Thursday's opening day of NCAA tournament play obliterated brackets.

Oakland's upset of No. 3 seed Kentucky sent most of the remaining perfect entries in Yahoo's bracket game to the trash bin. Only 116 survived at the end of the day. By Friday afternoon, only one was left standing.

No. 9 Northwestern's win over No. 8 Florida Atlantic whittled the field down to 60 in the opening game on Friday. The rest of the early slate went chalk. No. 3 Baylor made easy work of Colgate. No. 2 Marquette fended off an upset bid by No. 15 Western Kentucky. And No. 5 San Diego State held on to beat No. 12 UAB.

No. 6 Clemson's win over No. 13 New Mexico and No. 1 UConn's win over No. 16 Stetson Friday afternoon further reduced the perfect-bracket tally to 13.

Then No. 10 Colorado held on and beat No. 7 Florida 102-100 on a last-second shot. The Buffaloes nearly blew a 13-point lead late in the second half, but pulled off the win after a clutch shot from KJ Simpson. Almost 73% of users picked Florida to advance. That knocked out 12 of the 13 remaining perfect brackets.

A few moments later, No. 13 Yale rallied back to pick up just its second NCAA tournament win in school history. The Bulldogs fended off No. 4 Auburn 78-76 in a chaotic finish in Spokane. 90.4% of users picked Auburn to make it through the first round.

That eliminated the final perfect bracket, ending this year's quest before the first round ended.

There were no big early upsets Friday, but the results were enough to whittle down the field after three No. 6 seeds in addition to No. 3 seed Kentucky fell on Thursday.

Boo Buie and Northwestern's early win over FAU on Friday knocked out the remainder of all but 60 perfect brackets. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)
Boo Buie and Northwestern's early win over FAU on Friday knocked out the remainder of all but 60 perfect brackets. (AP/Frank Franklin II) (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

No. 11 Duquesne got the upset party started with a 71-67 upset win over No. 6 BYU early Thursday. The second game of the tournament, Duquesne's win left just 16.3% of perfect brackets standing.

No. 11 Oregon followed that up with an 87-73 win over No. 6 South Carolina before No. 11 NC State pulled off a win over No. 6 Texas Tech in the night cap.

But it was Oakland's stunner over No. 3 Kentucky that knocked the vast majority of the remaining perfect brackets out. Roughly 5% of brackets picked Oakland over Kentucky. When the game was done, 99.9% of brackets had been knocked out of contention for perfection.

Yet thanks to a pair of upsets on Friday afternoon, the annual quest for a perfect bracket is now over. Better luck next year.

Only 0.3% of women's brackets are still perfect

Most of the women's brackets were knocked out midway through their opening slate of games on Friday, too. That's due to a massive upset from Middle Tennessee.

Despite trailing by 18 points in the first half, Middle Tennessee slowly rallied back before stunning No. 6 Louisville 71-69 in Baton Rogue. It marked the third-largest comeback in the history of the women's NCAA tournament. Just more than 84% of brackets had Louisville making it out of the first round.

Two other games made a big impact, too. About 40% of brackets incorrectly had Michigan State beating North Carolina in their first round game. The Tar Heels held on for a tight 59-56 victory, which set up a second round matchup with South Carolina on Sunday. No. 7 Duke's 72-61 win over No. 10 Richmond surprisingly knocked out another 20.6% of users, too.

That left just 4.3% of brackets perfect only nine games into the tournament.

Alabama's win over No. 9 Florida State on Friday night cut the remaining perfect brackets down to just 2.4%. Then after Colorado's win over No. 12 Drake, and Iowa State's 20-point comeback win over No. 10 Maryland, that left us with just 0.5% of brackets still perfect.

Then after Iowa State's comeback win over Maryland and Nebraska's 61-59 win over Texas A&M, only 0.3% of brackets were still perfect at the end of the night.

Just like the men's side on Thursday, perfect brackets in the women's tournament are falling fast. We'll see how many are left by the end of the first round.