‘I’m not working a second job’: This mom on TikTok claims $100K/year is the new $50K — but she refuses to work more than 40 hours a week to live. 3 ways to stretch your hard-earned dollar

‘I’m not working a second job’: This mom on TikTok claims $100K/year is the new $50K — but she refuses to work more than 40 hours a week to live. 3 ways to stretch your hard-earned dollar
‘I’m not working a second job’: This mom on TikTok claims $100K/year is the new $50K — but she refuses to work more than 40 hours a week to live. 3 ways to stretch your hard-earned dollar

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A mom on TikTok has gone viral for her stance on getting a second job to survive as inflation burns holes in Americans’ bank accounts.

The TikTok creator by the name of @shayjo21, or simply Shay, recently posted a now-viral video with the caption: “$100,000 a year is the new $50,000 a year #fixitjesus.”

In the clip — which has been viewed more than 1.7 million times and has amassed over 207,000 likes and 6,900 comments — Shay says “things out here are getting expensive.”

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She goes on to list items impacted by inflation: “Grapes: $7, eggs: $5, homes: half a million dollars, cars: 40 grand (used — and it could be a Mazda, they don’t care).”

But one thing she makes adamantly clear is: “I don’t give a damn how expensive it gets, I’m not working a second job.” Shay says she’s “good until about 5:30” but then her “legs start buckling” and by 6 p.m., her “vision [is] blurry, can’t find my car.”

“I can’t work two jobs,” she says. “So, whoever needs to fix it, please fix it. Because it’s to the point now where working 40 hours a week ain’t enough — but I’m going to make it enough.”

Shay’s stance resonated with thousands of TikTok users, with one commenting: “Clocking out then having to clock in somewhere else 30 minutes later is CRAZY,” while another quipped: “my vision is blurry at 9 a.m. baby!!!"

If your paycheck hasn’t kept up with the cost of living, here are three ways to stretch your hard-earned dollars without working two jobs.

Make a budget (and stick to it)

One woman who commented in support of Shay’s video said she refused to sacrifice the time she has with her son by taking a second job. Instead, she said she’s “learning to live simple and stay on budget.”

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Prioritize paying down debt

It may seem counterintuitive to prioritize paying down your debt when you’re struggling “to keep the damn lights on” as one TikTok commenter put it, your debts is an important part of managing money.

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Boost your income

There are multiple ways to supplement your income — without having to work over 40 hours a week. If real estate is on your radar, it can make a great side hustle with less commitment than you might think.

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