All-Inclusive Adults-Only Resorts and What They Offer

Whether you have kids or not, sometimes it's nice to simply get away and be in an atmosphere free of frolicking children. After all, adults need fun just as much as children, right? That's why all-inclusive adults-only resorts exist: to let adults relax and play in the lap of luxury.

Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or wanting to participate in organized excursions, there's an adult all-inclusive resort for you.

Before booking your accommodations at an all-inclusive adults-only resort, there are a few things to consider.

1. Just because a resort is adults-only doesn't necessarily mean that lewd activity is promoted there.
Don't associate "adult-only" with lewdness. While it's true that some adults-only resorts market themselves as sexual retreats, most are geared towards the romantic and relaxing. Those few all-inclusive adults-only resorts that cater to those seeking more libidinous adventures are almost always clearly marketed as such so as to not shock unsuspecting guests.

2. Understand the "all-inclusive" of all-inclusive adults-only resorts. has an excellent article about the things that all-inclusive resorts won't tell you. The theme throughout the article is the definition of "all-inclusive" varies greatly, depending on perspective. Don't be afraid to contact a representative at a resort you're interested in and ask numerous questions. It may help you keep your expectations realistic. The spa treatment for you and your partner may require extra payment – and a tip.

3. Finding a resort that is both all-inclusive and adults-only can take a little effort.
While many adults-only resorts are also all-inclusive, not all all-inclusive resorts are adults-only. Make sure you do due diligence and verify that a resort is truly an adult all-inclusive resort. has a detailed list of adults-only resorts. What I like in particular with this site is how it clearly shows not only more information about such resorts, but also their category, minimum age, resort type, and star rating. This kind of organized information makes it simple for travelers to find an adults-only all-inclusive resort that meets their needs.

Aside from the previously mentioned, you have several options for discovering good deals on adult all-inclusive resorts. AOL Travel offers regularly updated listings of the best adults-only travel deals. As of this writing, AOL Travel was listing a deal with 20 percent off of a five-star adult-only all-inclusive resort in a Cancun. Beyond that, you could turn to Orbitz. They have a special listing of adults-only vacations, most of them at all-inclusive resorts. And if you're still not sure which resort is right for you, you can always consider a travel agent.

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