Look up in the sky over Macon! New Superman movie being filmed around central Georgia

FILE - David Corenswet as Superman in James Gunn's "Superman." Gunn confirmed on Instagram it's being filmed in part in Macon.
FILE - David Corenswet as Superman in James Gunn's "Superman." Gunn confirmed on Instagram it's being filmed in part in Macon.

Comic book fans in the Macon area are sure to have their head on a swivel for flashes of red and blue.

This week, James Gunn posted a picture of some of his "Superman" cast hanging out on Instagram with the caption: "Capturing a nice moment in Macon after a long day of shooting #superman."

Among the cast shown was Wendell Pierce, who plays Superman's boss at The Daily Planet, Perry White, and Pruitt Taylor Vince, who plays Superman's adoptive father Jonathan Kent. Due to their presence on site, it's difficult to say whether Macon is meant to serve as the Man of Steel's rural home of Smallville, his more metropolitan home Metropolis, or somewhere else entirely.

What else was in the picture? The cast appeared to be hanging out at Loom, a southern fine-dining restaurant attached to the Hotel Forty Five on Cotton Avenue. Pierce was wearing a "Warnock" t-shirt. The beloved star of "The Wire" has previously thrown his support behind Sen. Raphael Warnock. Also, actor Michael Rooker, who was on Gunn's "The Suicide Squad," was also hanging out, but Gunn swore he was just here to visit while Rooker films something else in Charleston, South Carolina.

However, multiple casting calls have been issued via Central Casting Georgia and Project Casting, indicating Macon isn't the only Georgia location being used. Earlier this year, one was issued for male, white children that can work in Atlanta around May and June. A more recent one asked for actors to film in LaGrange on June 6, specifically Caucasian-looking babies with dark hair and boys ages 3-6 that also look Caucasian with blue eyes and dark hair. The latter strongly indicates they are looking for those that can play Superman as a kid. The last call was issued about three weeks ago for South Asian adult male extras who would film in Macon and be fitted for costumes in Fayetteville. They would portray refugees.

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What is known about the new Superman movie?

Gunn announced the new Superman movie in January 2023, and ever since, fans have been hungry for details. The actual plot has been kept largely under wraps, but a major theme is Superman's attempt to reconcile his alien heritage with his human upbringing. However, despite what this may sound like, Gunn has confirmed this is not an origin story.

David Corenswet has been cast to wear the iconic suit. He was previously seen in 2022's horror "Pearl" and in this summer's "Twisters." Next to him is Rachel Brosnahan, star of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," to play Lois Lane. Nicholas Hoult from "Mad Max: Fury Road" and the X-Men franchise has been cast as Lex Luthor.

Some other major DC characters confirmed to playing some part in the movie include Guy Gardner (one of the Green Lanterns), Supergirl, Hawkgirl, Jimmy Olson, and Cat Grant.

Gunn is writing and directing the film. It was originally titled "Superman: Legacy," but announced on Feb. 29, Superman's birthday, that principal photography had started on what is now titled "Superman." The announcement included the logo being used, which very much resembles that used in the "Kingdom Come" Superman comic book story. However, there has been no confirmation that story will be part of the plot.

The release date is still set for July 2025.

This article originally appeared on Augusta Chronicle: New Superman movie by James Gunn filming in Macon for DC Studios