Lions' new uniforms get leaked early, and they find some humor in it

The Detroit Lions have a sense of humor to go along with their sharp new uniforms.

As is the case with many new uniform reveals, Detroit's new kits found their way to social media long before the team gets to release them. Is it all part of a marketing plan? Probably. But we fall for it anyway.

First, the uniforms. Because they're pretty sharp, though not all that different than the ones they have worn in years past. That's part of the charm.

Justin Rogers of the Detroit News said the uniforms leaked because an ad to buy the new jerseys prematurely ran on the internet. The jerseys were supposed to be revealed on Thursday night, but we saw them on Thursday morning.

The black uniforms returning is noteworthy. The Lions ditched those after the 2017 season, but they'll come back as an alternate.

The main home and road uniforms are practically the same as what the team wore in the Barry Sanders era. Which isn't a bad thing. It's not some crazy overhaul. Just simplifying things with some modern touches. Well done.

Whether the team was happy or mad the uniforms were leaked, they played into it. First a sarcastic video from defensive tackle Alim McNeill thanking whoever leaked the uniforms.

Then a post with the title "Inside job?" with quarterback Jared Goff joking he'd take a picture of the black jerseys to put on social media.

Hey, no use getting mad once the uniforms have been released. Unless the Lions were in on it somehow.

The Lions will still have their big uniform reveal on Thursday night, and they got some nice buzz on social media Thursday morning too. It worked out for everyone.