‘Under the Bridge’ Is TV’s Next True Crime Sensation

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‘Under the Bridge’: TV’s Next True Crime SensationHulu

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You have to admit: Hulu has been on a roll lately. Bolstered by its partnership with FX—which has given us Shōgun and Feud: Capote vs. the Swans this year alone—Hulu is pulling ahead in 2024’s streaming wars. Next up is Under the Bridge, a limited series starring Riley Keough and Lily Gladstone.

Based on a true story, the upcoming drama follows Reena Virk, a teenager who went to a party in 1997 and never returned home. Her disappearance sparks an investigation, which is led by a local cop named Cam Bentland (Gladstone). When Virk is found dead, Bentland teams up with writer Rebecca Godfrey (Keough), who hopes to pen a novel about the mystery. The two vow to solve Virk’s murder and probe the lives of her friends.

Under the Bridge is produced by Quinn Shepard and Samir Mehta. In an interview with Elle, Mehta explained their vision for the series. “Our shorthand in the room was the show is Eighth Grade meets The Sopranos,” she said. “And in some ways, the experience of being in middle school and how exclusive it can feel and how cruel being ostracized [is] can feel like you’re dealing with a gang.”

Keep reading for everything we know about Under the Bridge so far.

What Is Under the Bridge About?

Under the Bridge is a twisted thriller adapted from Rebecca Godfrey’s novel of the same name. The series follows the true story of Reena Virk, a teenage girl who vanishes the night of a school party. It’s told from the perspectives of Godfrey and Cam Bentland, a local detective whom the writer partners with to investigate Reena’s disappearance. Together, they uncover the horrifying truth about what happened.

Riley Keough stars as Godfrey, while Lily Gladstone plays Bentland. The cast is rounded out by Vritika Gupta, Ezra Faroque Khan, Archie Panjabi, Chloe Guidry, Javon Walton, Izzy G., and Aiyana Goodfellow.

When Will Under the Bridge Premiere?

Under the Bridge will hit Hulu on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. The first two episodes will debut that day, followed by a weekly drop until the finale on May 29. Look below for the full release schedule, which we’ll update as more news about the series emerges.

Episode 1: “Looking Glass” (April 17)

Episode 2: TBA (April 17)

Episode 3: TBA (April 24)

Episode 4: TBA (May 1)

Episode 5: TBA (May 8)

Episode 6: TBA (May 15)

Episode 7: TBA (May 22)

Episode 8: TBA (May 29)

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