The Top 10 Movies on Netflix to Watch Right This Second (Including a Nail-Biting Thriller at #1)

​​There are countless streaming options available at our fingertips, but not all Netflix movies live up to our expectations. That’s why we often turn to the top 10 movies list on Netflix, which ranks titles based on who’s watching what. Not only does it include the most popular new releases (like Under Paris, Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashura), but it also features a few old favorites (like Shrek). The best part? The top 10 movies on Netflix are updated on a daily basis, so there’s never a shortage of new options.

From Home to The Super Mario Bros. Movie, keep scrolling for a list of the best movies on Netflix and our editor’s pick of the week.

Editor’s Pick of the Week: The Heartbreak Agency  (2024)

  • Cast: Rosalie Thomass, Laurence Rupp, Cora Trube

  • Run Time: 94 minutes

  • Genre: Romantic Comedy

A skeptical journalist named Kari agrees to start heartbreak therapy at an agency, but unbeknownst to his therapist, his main goal is to expose the entire business as a hoax. Over time, however, he warms up to his therapist, Maria, and embarks on a mission to find love.

Is it predictable? Well, yes, but it's a charming, feel-good romance that will help anyone unwind after a long day.

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1. Under Paris (2024)

  • Cast: Bérénice Bejo, Nassim Lyes, Léa Léviant

  • Run Time: 101 minutes

  • Genre: Action Thriller

Set in modern-day Paris, this edge-of-your-seat thriller revolves around Sophia, an environmental scientist who learns that a large shark is swimming deep in the Seine River. To avoid a potential shark attack at the World Triathlon Championships, she's forced to confront the French government, who don't believe there's a deadly shark in their midst.

While it's pretty unlikely that killer sharks will prowl the Siene River, Xavier Gens's intense film tackles environmental issues that'll get you thinking.

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2. Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashura (2024)

  • Cast: Nobunaga Shimazaki, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Yutaka Aoyama

  • Run Time: 62 minutes

  • Genre: Action Anime

Anime fans, rejoice! For the first time ever, Baki Hanma from the Baki series and Ohma Tokita from Kengan Ashura—two of the toughest fighters—face off in an intense battle. Per the official logline, they "clash in extreme and unpredictable matchups so thrilling, they're sure to get your blood pumping."

Directed by Toshiki Hirano, the martial arts crossover reached the number two spot less than 24 hours after it dropped on Netflix.

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3. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

  • Cast: Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Gemma Chan

  • Run Time: 121 minutes

  • Genre: Romantic Comedy

Rachel Chu, a Chinese-American professor, gets more than she bargained for when she heads to Singapore with her boyfriend to meet his family. Upon arrival, she learns that his family is seriously wealthy, and she doesn't get the warmest welcome from the women in his life, who all suspect she's a gold digger.

The comedy is based on the best-selling novel by Kevin Kwan, and it became the first Hollywood feature in 25 years to feature an ensemble cast of Asian actors.

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4. Godzilla Minus One (2023)

  • Cast: Ryunosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Yuki Yamada, Munetaka Aoki, Hidetaka Yoshioka

  • Run Time: 125 minutes

  • Genre: Sci-Fi

If you thought Godzilla was a wild ride, just wait until you see this. Set in post-war Japan, this action-packed drama follows a man named Shikishima, who teams up with a group of veterans to defeat a terrifying monster—one who's been made even more powerful because of the atomic bomb.

At the box office, the film made $116 million worldwide and it won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. Critics have also praised the performances, the musical score and the smart social commentary.

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5. Home (2015)

  • Cast: Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez

  • Run Time: 94 minutes

  • Genre: Sci-Fi Comedy

The star-studded comedy follows a friendly alien named Oh, who lands on Earth and goes on the run from his people. While there, however, he meets and befriends an adventurous young girl named Tip, who's on a quest to reunite with her mother.

Tim Johnson's comedy was inspired by Adam Rex’s children’s book, The True Meaning of Smekday. The soundtrack also features original songs from Jennifer Lopez, like "Towards the Sun" and "Feel the Light."

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6. The Lego Movie (2014)

  • Cast: Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett

  • Run Time: 100 minutes

  • Genre: Comedy

Inspired by the nostalgic toys, this fun animated movie follows a friendly construction worker and minifigure named Emmet Brickowski. After learning that the evil Lord Business will Kragle (or glue) the universe together, he joins a resistance team and tries to stop him.

According to PureWow Editor-in-Chief Jillian Quint, "This movie is so subversive and weird—full disclosure—my husband and I first saw it in the theater without our kids. But kids also love the bananas plotlines and lessons about creative play. And my kids are ALWAYS singing the 'Everything is Awesome' song."

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7. 300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

  • Cast: Lena Headey, Peter Mensah, David Wenham, Andrew Tiernan

  • Run Time: 102 minutes

  • Genre: Historical Action

The 300 sequel turns the spotlight on Themistocles of Athens. His goal is to turn Greece into a new, unified democracy—but the Spartans aren't supportive of the idea. Worse yet, The Persian ruler Xerxes becomes a "God-King" and wages war on Greece to avenge his father.

Directed by Noam Murro, the film is gritty, violent and bloody (I'm talking severed heads...), so it's probably not the best choice for family movie night. Still fans of the first film are in for a treat.

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8. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)

  • Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Pratt, Charlie Day

  • Run Time: 92 minutes

  • Genre: Family Comedy

Meet Mario and Luigi, plumber brothers who are working on a water main in Brooklyn. When the pipe leads to a mysterious new world, they embark on an epic adventure to find their way back.

The comedy is a must-watch for anyone who played the namesake video game. Not only is the movie filled with familiar references, but it also features a stellar cast including Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Charles Martinet, Seth Rogen and Keegan-Michael Key.

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9. Shrek (2001)

  • Cast: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy

  • Run Time: 90 minutes

  • Genre: Family Comedy

Meet Shrek, an outcast ogre who lives in a far away swamp. In an attempt to save his home, the creature teams up with Lord Farquaad to rescue a princess. Little do they know, the princess is hiding a dark secret.

This family-friendly film is a must-watch for viewers of all ages. The story is loosely based on the 1990 children's picture book by William Steig.

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10. Divergent (2014)

  • Cast: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ashley Judd, Kate Winslet, Zoë Kravitz, Miles Teller

  • Run Time: 140 minutes

  • Genre: Action, YA, Sci-Fi

Loved Katniss from The Hunger Games? You'll take a liking to Beatrice Prior, a brave 16-year-old who's born into society that's divided into factions. However, she learns that she is “divergent,” meaning she doesn’t fit into one faction. And when she discovers a plot to destroy the Divergents, she embarks on a dangerous mission to find out why.

As someone who has devoured her fair share of dystopian YA content, I can tell you that this film (which features a swoon-worthy romance) is well worth your time.

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