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This now $16 device lets you use your phone or tablet hands-free: 'I feel like a queen using this'

This now $16 device lets you use your phone or tablet hands-free: 'I feel like a queen using this'

Picture this: You're settling in for relaxing evening of reading in bed while cozied up in your favorite plush blanket, but there's just one problem. You really, really don't want to have to pull your arms out from under the warmth of the bedding in order to hold your phone or Kindle.

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As silly as it seems, it's a relatable situation. We all want (or need) to go hands-free sometimes, whether it's because you're a parent who always has a toddler on their arm or you just need an easier way to scroll your favorite page-turner in the evenings. After all, a lot of time spent hunched over a phone or tablet in bed can lead to neck pain and grip strength, which nobody wants to deal with.

But, as luck would have it, one of our very finds of the year is now 40% off for just $16. We first wrote about this nifty gadget as a great gift for new dads who need a hands-free way to read or watch YouTube while on midnight feeding duty. But a tool this, well, handy is useful for pretty much anyone, not just new parents. And now that it's on sale for just $16, we had to spill the beans on just how useful it is.

Whether you're a new parent doing midnight feedings or you hate holding up a book while trying to read in bed, this hands-free tablet stand holder is a useful gadget that'll allow anyone to watch their favorite show or read their current page-turner without needing to use both hands. 

$16 at Amazon

Designed with an extra strong clip and flexible long-arm gooseneck that can bend any which way, this device holder and stand can be used with a tablet, phone, Nintendo Switch, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and even a Kindle or your other preferred e-reader, though we recommend sticking to lighter weight devices for the best user experience.

Clip it to your kitchen counter and use it to make following recipes on your phone or tablet easier than ever. Make watching TV on your phone reading your Kindle in bed even more relaxing by clipping it to your headboard. Use it on a balcony or patio table to make reading outside feel extremely luxurious. Pair it with a clicker page-turner and your hands never have to leave the warmth of your bedding again.

But these aren't its only uses. Of the over 14,500 Amazon reviewers who've given it an average 4.3-star rating, many have found incredibly unique uses for it, too.

"I read every night on my iPad as part of my bedtime ritual. Only problem being that I was getting tired of holding the iPad up," said one five-star reviewer. "So I was looking for something to attach to my headboard and hold the iPad for me. The MAGIPEA Tablet Stand Holder thus far has worked perfectly. My hands are now free."

"As someone who has used it while caring for a newborn, I can't stress enough how valuable this stand is," said another reviewer. "Holding a baby requires constant attention and often both hands, so having a reliable stand that allows you to view your device hands-free is incredibly helpful."

"Now that I’m not holding my kindle all the time, I get far fewer headaches and less neck pain from tilting my head down for hours at a time. It’s easy to move from my headboard to my balcony," said another reviewer. "It would also be great for people with limited mobility or other disabilities!"

For just $16, it's an absolute steal that's too good to pass up for anyone who likes scrolling their phone at bedtime. But don't wait — we aren't sure how long this limited-time deal should last.

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