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The 30 Best Holiday Gifts for Dads in 2022

Give these gifts to dad to up his cool quotient this year. (Photos: Amazon/Walmart)
Give these gifts to dad to up his cool quotient this year. (Photos: Amazon/Walmart) (Amazon/Walmart)

Dads can be tricky to shop for — enough with the striped ties and photo mugs. So what makes an item become one of the best gifts for dads? “Anything they'll legitimately use,” says Julie Ramhold, Consumer Analyst with But don’t lean too heavily into practical presents, Ramhold cautions, unless they’re specifically wished for. Chore-related products like a rake or microwave may not seem special or can send the wrong message, so they aren’t exactly a thoughtful gift. But something functional that is also cool, fun or interesting fits the bill — even if it’s a last-minute gift. That could mean a a tech gift, a new gadget, or even a LEGO building set.

Paying attention to dad’s hobbies is always a smart gift-buying strategy! If he likes golf, a putting mat might be the perfect thing. Outdoorsy dudes will likely love a portable camping stove or travel coffee press. And if he's into video games or watching movies at home, a soundbar or VR headset are excellent options. Inspired yet? We have great gift ideas for new dads, foodie dads, outdoorsy dads, really any type of dad. Scroll and discover that just-right gift idea for dad.

If dad loves a good board game, this is his perfect travel companion. The colorful canvas board comes with all chips included and a strap-on vegan leather storage pouch for portability.

$26 at Amazon

Maybe dad loves classic games. Maybe he likes to learn something new. Either way, this travel-friendly backgammon set makes a gorgeous Christmas or Father’s Day gift that'll last for generations. What else would you expect from a 150-year-old heritage brand? One reviewer wrote, "Outstanding product, outstanding value, outstanding craftsmanship and very cool looking!".

Let dad spin his favorite tunes on this stellar-sounding, suitcase-style, three-speed turntable in a vintage package. With two built-in stereo speakers, it's not just pretty to look at — it's also bliss to listen to.

$47 at Amazon

Just take those old records off the shelf — and play them on this vintage-style record player that's got more than 8,000 five-star reviews from fans saying it's "great for small spaces and sounds great!" and that they're "thrilled of the quality of product and how records sound." Give Dad's vinyl collection new life and put a big, nostalgic smile on his face.

Winter nights are for cozying up on the couch with a good book or a new movie. This gift is way better than a standard blanket because dad can use a handheld controller to heat it up!
$40 at Walmart

A heated blanket is the holiday wishlist item dad had no idea he wanted this year! The buttery faux fur layer has three different heat settings and is machine washable. It also has an auto-shutoff feature for safety, because who wouldn't fall asleep wrapped in this decadence?

Thanks to microvibrations, dad can get a dentist-quality treatment every time he brushes his teeth with this electric toothbrush by Oral-B. It has a two-minute timer so it's foolproof.

$200 at Walmart

This next-level electric toothbrush has five smart modes for dad to choose from: Daily Clean, Whitening, Gum Care, Sensitive, and Intense. It's so high-tech it even uses artificial intelligence to detect dad's brushing style and offer coaching tips to help him brush better! "After using the oral B series 7 electric toothbrush I will never use a regular toothbrush again," wrote a happy shopper.

If dad lives with chronic pain or simply loves a good massage, the Flyby Deep Tissue Massage Gun is a much better choice than a session with a professional massage therapist — it's the gift that keeps on giving!

$50 at Amazon

This top-rated massager may be lightweight but it delivers a powerful percussive massage thanks to six interchangeable heads that target muscle groups and work out kinks while improving circulation. With an on-page coupon, this gift is a whopping 69% off! "I run and get sore on the sides of my knee after runs. 5 minutes working the area and I feel good as new," wrote one of more than 13,000 five-star reviewers.

If your dad is always searching for something to write with, wrap up this snazzy retractable ball point pen.

$24 at Amazon

A classic pen that’s sure to please discerning writers, the Parker Jotter features a smooth, stainless steel finish, blue ink and a satisfying click when you retract. “The kids really know me well, and I've had this pen in my pocket every day for the last two months,” reads one dad’s Amazon review.

Enhance the audio on TV, music and video games — we bet Dad will love you for it. Available in black or white, this small speaker delivers clear, powerful sound.
$275 at Amazon

This standalone soundbar will impress dad with its acoustic ability. Its sleek, compact design can easily be tucked away to blend into the living room. And — huge bonus for your recipient — the Sonos Ray goes from unboxing to working within minutes. No complicated setup required. It's simple: plug the soundbar in, connect to your TV and open the Sonos app. Now that's a gift any father will like!

Some dads depend on holidays to receive new slippers. Don't let him down! Gift a pair of sturdy Sanuks, on sale in a bunch of sizes.

$32 at Amazon

What gifts are just right for dads with literal cold feet? A perfect option is these fluffy, comfy slippers. Sanuk incorporates elements like Tencel, bio-based sugarcane EVA foam, responsibly sourced leather and recycled polyester to create more responsible footwear.

Over 7,000 excellent Amazon reviews let you know this compact flashlight is one quality purchase.

$32 at Amazon

This popular Streamlight model runs for 3.5 hours at a pop. Bundled with a lanyard plus a USB cord for charging, it fits in the palm of your hand so it’s easy to stash with dad’s everyday items, or in a car console.

If dad is a Tolkien fan, fire up the laptop and order this detailed Lord of the Rings puzzle. Ravensburger has sold over 1 billion jigsaw puzzles, and that's because their products are high quality.
$39 at Amazon

The 2,000 interlocking pieces of this jigsaw have a glare-free matte finish for a great puzzling experience. Whether dad wants to relax and have some me time, or spend an evening putting this together with the family, it’s a great gift.

This all-new digital reader is the lightest and most compact Kindle yet — what a treat for bookworm dads!
$100 at Amazon

Impress literary folk with Amazon's latest Kindle. The new model boasts a 6-inch 300 ppi high-resolution display and two times the storage (16GB). The paper-like display is glare-free and easy on the eyes, and dad can even read in bed without bothering anyone thanks to the adjustable front light. A single USB charge lasts up to six weeks. Bonus: The shell, available in black and denim, is partially made from recycled plastics.

What a smart gift! Dad can play ping pong anywhere with this set, which includes a case, two paddles, three balls and an expanding net.

$40 at Amazon

Challenge dad to a game of ping pong anywhere with this travel set. It's got over 4,000 Amazon ratings and 4.7 out of 5 stars so you know it's good. "Bats, balls and net all excellent quality and the net fastens easily to my dining table," writes one satisfied buyer.

If your old man likes a little flash, gift him a bold gold bracelet.
$90 at Maison Miru

For some dads, masculine jewelry is one of the best gifts they can receive. Classic and cool, this chunky piece will look right at home on the stylish dad's wrist. Made of stainless steel plated with 14k gold, the Rebel Bold bracelet is durable and luxe all at once.

If dad cares about dental hygiene, this water flosser is probably a good bet. It might not be something he'd buy for himself but he'll love that dentist-clean feeling.

$82 at Amazon

This ain't your grandpa's toothbrush. Waterpik makes a seriously effective dental tool, so dad can clean his pearly whites at home. This rechargeable, waterproof and portable system is convenient and cordless, and it scours teeth with ease. "You can use it in the shower and not worry about spraying water everywhere," writes one shopper — there are over 48,000 reviews on Amazon! 4.8 out of 5 stars.

The Matrix, Amadeus, The Lion King... dad will want to catch up on all the film favorites when he gets this poster. The movie art is revealed when the square is scratched off. According to Uncommon Goods, 93% of customer respondents would recommend this gift, and so does consumer expert Ramhold.

If dad isn't a cinemaphile there are other scratch-off posters to pick. *These come in a ton of different varieties at sites like Uncommon Goods, including things like date ideas, things to do, horror movies, books, movies, places and more," Ramhold says. "If your parents are the adventurous type — even if they don't want to leave home - there's bound to be a poster that will appeal to them and give them something fun to do together."

You can't have a gift guide for dads without plaid flannel pajamas! It's the law.

$30 at JCPenney

Flannel PJs are a holiday staple, and who doesn’t love their cozy comfort? Give dad this 2-piece Hanes set and know he'll rest easy this winter. Choose from four different colors. "These are soft, comfortable, fit well, and are warm," reads one glowing review. "Need I say more?"

Measuring 9-by-3-feet, this handy putting surface — an Amazon bestseller — will be beloved by golfers. Multiple cup targets allow dad to get a grip on his putting situation.
$35 at Amazon

Pops will want to unroll this faux turf mat immediately upon opening. "My dad wanted this so that he could practice his putting and possibly set up a little mini golf course," wrote one 5-star reviewer. "Perfect for practice."

Available in five colors — brown (shown), black, gray, navy and camo — this Carhartt bag takes the cake. Or beer. Or whatever dad plans on eating for lunch!

$30 at Amazon

It might be the most practical lunch bag we’ve seen. Carhartt’s insulated tote features a handle and shoulder strap, and plenty of pockets. It can also function as a small cooler large enough to tote a 6-pack.

If dad loves cars and LEGOs, this model kit is the perfect gift. He can build an impressive 2022 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car from 1,432 pieces.

$186 at Amazon

Gifts for the boy dad was once can be a big hit. Plus, building elaborate Lego sets can be very calming for some fathers (especially when their kids aren't "helping"). But we're sure yours will love collaborating on this sweet set! With 5-star reviews across the board, Amazon customers are loving this new product. "It is a challenging build and requires a strong focus," writes one. "I’m still building it and find it very relaxing."

A luxe yet practical gift for the bearded dad, these manly products will leave facial hair smooth and feeling good. And smelling like sandalwood and bourbon.

$20 at Amazon

All natural ingredients combine to create these quality grooming aids. The set includes a beard balm and beard oil to leave dad's facial hair conditioned and soft. A subtle sandalwood bourbon scent is the icing on the cake. (And by cake we mean... beard.)

If you haven't heard of Zojirushi travel mugs and their 28,000 amazing Amazon reviews, check them out! Dad will love having hot coffee on the go.

$30 at Amazon

Ramhold recommends this gift along with many Amazon shoppers. *Especially for parents on the go, these are an item they'll use daily to keep their drink of choice hot until they're ready to drink it," she says. "Mugs made by Zojirushi come highly recommended due to their superior insulation and flip top cap that actually locks in place with no risk of spills or leaks." Plus there are three sizes and 24 colors to choose from!

Sure, dad loves to watch House of the Dragon and Stranger Things, but does he even D&D? Find out if he has what it takes to play the original role-playing fantasy game with this starter set.

$18 at Amazon

If dad has ever wondered about playing Dungeons and Dragons, you might want to get him this starter set. There's a 48-page adventure booklet and 32-page rulebook so he can really sink his teeth in. It also includes 5 ready-to-play characters and 6 polyhedral game dice, of course. Perfect for 2-4 players.

Fire it up! This convenient camp stove for the outdoorsman is small but mighty. Hikers and campers will appreciate its lightweight convenience.
$65 at Amazon

This handy wood-burning stove is great because of its low smoke production and ease of use. Weighing in at just 9 ounces, the Solo Stove Lite can help dad cook or boil water in a hurry. “I love that it's so eco friendly, no gas canisters or chemical fuels,” writes one happy Amazon customer. And it might make a great gift for the prepper dad: “For the coming zombie apocalypse, it's an essential 'off grid' piece of equipment :)”

This VR headset is pricey but worth it for the gamer or tech-obsessed dad. Equipped with an ultra-fast processor and high-resolution display, he'll never want to take this off.

$299 at Walmart

Spoil the dad on your list with this incredible VR headset – he won’t be disappointed. “Got it as a gift for an adult and it was a big hit! He hasn’t put it down!” writes one Walmart customer of the Meta Quest 2.I also liked that it comes with everything you’d need already, any additional accessories are not necessary at all.”

Wavelength is the award-winning board game that's fun for the whole family. A perfect gift that'll be a game night staple.

$36 at Walmart

Described as “like Codenames, but weirder,” this new board game sets up easily and has quick rules — nice! But even better, Wavelength sparks interesting discussions. “This is the most requested party game when I have game nights,” writes one fan. “It’s easy to learn and is great for groups of all sizes.” Sounds like dad will love it.

Go off grid with this handy power source. At just 7.1-pounds it's a must-have piece of equipment. Click the on-page coupon for the full discount.

$279 at Amazon

Whether dad is a prepper waiting for disaster, a camper, a fan of going off-grid, a tailgater or just a sensible dude who likes to be prepared, this portable power station makes a great gift. Just charge it up through a wall outlet (only takes a couple hours), AC adaptor or car outlet (cable included), and you’ll have safe 300W power. Juice up to six devices at once with this baby. You can even pair it with a solar panel, sold separately. “I am shocked how awesome my 300 Jackery power station is!!” writes one jazzed Amazon customer. “It is so light and super easy to use.”

Is dad not ready to turn on the thermostat? Keep him warm with this portable heater.

$33 at Amazon

This mini heater is lightweight enough for dad to move from room to room. It heats spaces up to 200 square feet quickly and efficiently and also has a cooling fan function. "Best compact space heater," wrote one of the 46,600-five-star reviewers. "This heater is a game changer! I keep it by my desk at work and I’m comfortable the entire day. 100% recommend this."

A classic cuffed beanie is a practical gift for dads in cold climates. And Carhartt is a great value for the money!
$16 at Amazon

This beanie is a very sold purchase. And with over 128 THOUSAND 5-star reviews, you don’t have to take our word for it. The great fit and non-itchy stretchy rib knit are definitely selling points.

Carhartt is a workwear brand, but you don’t have to be a blue-collar worker or rugged outdoorsman to enjoy it. In fact, the brand is beloved by celebs including John Legend and Daniel Day-Lewis, reports So no matter what kind of dad you have, we bet he’ll be comfy in this beanie.

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