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ICYMI E-Tiny Homes Are the Teslas of Tiny Houses Escape Homes

Calling all tiny house lovers: there's a smarter way to upgrade your backyard. Enter in: Escape's all-electric tiny homes. Leading with sustainability and innovation, the brand's founder, Dan Dobrowolski created a true plug-and-play for adults that brings the home industry one step closer to a greener future.

Dobrowolski explains, "The constant backlash against fossil fuels is driving consumers to all things electric. Living small has always been better for the planet and the eESCAPE series takes it up a notch as new materials and products have become available."

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eEscape full-sized kitchen.Escape Homes

The brand is using its pre-existing Scandi-inspired models as the framework for prefabricated electric homes. The twist? Green Gold Certified insulating options, sustainably grown wood siding and paneling, energy-friendly LED lighting, and efficient construction methods. If you need any more convincing on this smart investment, Dobrowolski's eESCAPE models can be charged in multiple ways. "Customers will be able to run most of the units on solar power or directly from new EV cars and trucks. It all adds up to a better, more sustainable way forward," says Dobrowolski.

Similar to an electric car, you can plug the house in and get to fine-tuning with finishing touches of your choice without worrying if it has a negative impact on the environment (or your renovation budget). Escape Homes has seen the interest in electric homes rise during the height of the pandemic and today, the units are utilized as private offices, guest houses, private retreats, Airbnb rentals, studios, and even a retail showroom. With prices ranging from $35,000 to $65,000 and financing opportunities, Escape believes that EV homes should require customers to pay less, not more.

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Escape Homes

The electric homes are available in three designs: the eVista, eVista XL, and eOne. Around 400 square feet or less, the units include full kitchens, spacious bedrooms, a bathroom, washer and dryer, and creative storage options. The models also offer neutral furnishings and panoramic views of the outdoors. Once delivered, setting up water and power is quick and easy!

Of course, like all investments for electric homes or ADUs, it's important to note waitlists and long lead times are common due to shortage issues. Escape Homes is thankfully able to navigate this process by having units available and ready to go in 60 to 90 days, instead of a yearlong journey of waiting. "We have a customer in Sonoma, CA who saw the eOne XL on our website on a Thursday and we delivered it by the next Friday. We have our own fleet of trucks and delivery units across the country," says Dobrowolski.

For the nomad who is looking for adventure or the remote worker hoping to give their WFH some flexibility, Escapes electric tiny houses takes the phrase "work smarter, not harder" to new heights.

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