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The 10 best anti-aging creams and serums, according to Sofia Vergara’s dermatologist

The 10 best anti-aging creams and serums, according to Sofia Vergara’s dermatologist

While most of us don’t have access to the facialists, plastic surgeons and dermatologists that celebrities use to achieve perfectly radiant skin, thankfully, there are ways to achieve an A-list-worthy glow from the comfort of your own home. To find out how, we talked to celeb-loved dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman, whose clients include Sofia Vergara, Dorinda Medley, Elle Macpherson, Christina Ricci and Kristin Chenoweth.

“The cell renewal process slows down as you enter your mid-40’s-50’s, so it is important to use products that aim to improve skin barrier function,” she told Yahoo Life. To find out which creams, serums and moisturizers will help keep your skin looking as youthful as possible, we asked the celebrity dermatologist to share a list of the exact anti-aging skincare products she recommends women over 40 use. While we can’t guarantee they’ll make you look like Sofia Vergara, they should give you a more youthful appearance. From hydrating serums to powerful eye creams and vitamin-enriched moisturizers, keep reading to shop all 10 of Dr. Engelman’s skincare essentials.

“Elizabeth Arden is one of my favorites and these capsules do not disappoint! For those over 40, adding a retinol to your routine is beneficial as it helps improve the appearance of texture, tone and fine lines," said Dr. Engelman. The handy capsules not only make the serum easier to apply, but the dermatologist says they make it more potent too! “Retinol loses a large portion of its potency when exposed to light and air, making the retinol in this product 76% more potent than unencapsulated retinol.”
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“Eye creams are amazing when it comes to visibly reducing crow’s-feet... The skin surrounding the eyes is the thinnest on the face, so it is usually the first part to show signs of aging,” said the celeb-approved derm. This popular option is formulated with active ingredients that target five key factors. Not only does it keep your under eyes hydrated, but it also tightens, depuffs and smooths wrinkles.
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Dr. Engleman suggests everyone over 40 have a staple body lotion in their daily skincare routine because “aging causes your skin to become thinner, and more easily dry and affected by environmental and lifestyle factors.” She likes this option “as it contains many natural oils that provide benefits such as skin brightening, tone evening and anti-inflammation.”
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“This amazing serum is clinically proven to increase cell turnover rates and contains bioactives to soothe and replenish the skin,” said the celeb dermatologist. It is packed with powerful ingredients like the brand’s patented flower cell peptide complex which boosts collagen, as well as vitamin C, niacinamide, probiotics and calming adaptogens to help give you a glowing youthful complexion.
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A bio-active peptide recovery complex firms your skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. “These drops also help to retain moisture, which is extremely important as you age as dry skin is a common issue, and helps to repair and soothe the skin’s suppleness and texture, while accelerating epidermal cell regeneration,” said Dr. Engelman.
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These innovative eye patches are one of the doc’s favorite products because they “are larger than the standard eye patch to help target a larger area of the under-eye to reduce crow’s feet and under eye bags.” Made from medical-grade silicone, the patches gently compress the skin to lock in moisture and provide deep hydration.
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A good cleanser can be a lifesaver for people with oily or acne-prone skin. Dr. Engelman is a fan of this Epionce cleanser because of “its makeup removing properties as this saves you a step, and prevents you from rubbing your face harshly with a makeup removing wipe or cotton pad.” It calms and cleanses skin without leaving it feeling dry and dehydrated. “As you age, it is important to pivot from a harsher cleanser/exfoliant to a gentle face wash,” she added.
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Boasting five different types of hyaluronic acid, this serum targets several different skin issues at once. Along with improving the tone and texture of your skin, it also immediately smoothes the appearance of wrinkles and helps hydrate skin. “My favorite aspect of this product is how well the five types of hyaluronic acid work together to provide an overall more even complexion,” raved Dr. Engelman.
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“Vitamin C serums are amazing at boosting collagen production, which is extremely important as collagen production slows as you age,” noted Dr. Engelman. “I love this Vitamin C product as it brightens the face and evens the skin’s appearance, but also helps to produce more collagen resulting in glowier, dewier skin.” And she’s not the only one, thousands of shoppers are obsessed with this serum, too!
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Dr. Engelman says this is a great option for a face lotion for people with problem-prone skin. This vitamin-enriched lotion gently exfoliates, while hydrating and balancing the skin to visibly improve blackheads, rosacea and whiteheads. But she does note, “you should not use this with a retinoic acid treatment in your routine” as the combo would be too harsh and could cause unwanted damage.
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