Club Monaco is taking on the beauty world with this latest addition


Club Monaco has long been our go-to for style staples -- it's a retailer that's a constant "win" in our book for it's on-trend, relatively high-end pieces. One of our favorite stops for an investment piece, it offers a quality find that, though pricey, will last for multiple seasons to come.

And recently, the retailer has also become a one-stop shop for skincare as well by expanding into the beauty world.

Club Monaco's 5th Avenue location -- a bustling, yet spacious flagship in the heart of NYC's Flatiron -- has discovered that high-quality beauty and fashion might go hand-in-hand. It's a project the retailer is testing with a bright and airy popup, decorated with products so tempting, any kind of beauty connoisseur is sure to fall to his or her knees.

The retailer has brought The Buff into the limelight, an all natural beauty brand that's customized for each and every kind of customer: Enter the popup and you're greeted by a cheery skin expert, who hands you a quiz about your skin type and beauty routine.

Dry? Oily? Breakout-prone? The Buff has seen it all, ready to offer the exact beauty formula your skin's been searching for. Customers can purchase a bottle of personalized essential oils ($42), and take the customization a step further by adding their initials to the label. Why this extra step? To remind you that that particular oil is made just for you.

Club Monaco, we've just fallen in love with you all over again.

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