Italian airport now allows pesto on planes

We all hate that we can only take 3 ounces of liquids in our carry-ons at the airport and inevitably end up wasting half the product trying to get it into those tiny little bottles.

Well, an airport in the Italian city of Genova is allowing people to carry up to 17 ounces of one liquid on their flights... pesto pasta sauce! Pesto is Genova's favorite food, originating in the Northern Italian city in the 16th century.

It is made up of garlic, pine nuts, basil, cheese and olive oil crushed together.

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The city is very proud of their pesto history and airport security was getting frustrated of having to throw away perfectly good food.Now the locally made sauce is exempt from the liquid limit.

The Il pesto è buono (Pesto is good) programme started in June.

With a 50 cent donation to Flying Angels, a local charity that helps children travel overseas for treatment of serious illnesses, passengers can take their delicious souvenir home with them and feast on a delicious pasta genovese.

Plus, you won't have to spend any time filling up those pesky little bottles.

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