China's terrifying new glass walkway suspends tourists over a 1500 foot gorge

China never fails to leave tourists on their toes.

It seems like every month, the country releases another terrifying attraction that has many daredevils flocking. In the past, China opened a spooky, disappearing bridge and downright heartstopping glass walkway. But now, we have something even more incredible (if you can believe it).

China recently opened a vertigo-inducing glass bridge in Northern China's Mount Langya, Hebai. Basically, it's a circular, translucent observation platform that overlooks one of its national rainforests -- and it's suspended over a 1,500 foot gorge.

Check it out this wild aerial footage:

It's not easy to get to. According to Mashable, the hike up Mount Langya is 3 hours. Visitors also have the option of taking a cable car, but we'd prefer to stay on the ground.

If that doesn't scary you, scroll through to see more terrifying views: