Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2017: The ultra-glamorous traveler

Giambattista Valli's Spring 2017 couture collection is one for the books. Valli is known for his ability to connect the fantastical with fashion -- always pushing the boundaries of style in the best way possible.

His most recent collection opens with several duchesse satin mini dresses with prominent fold lines, because, as he's explained to Vogue, this is the wardrobe of a glamorous traveler. She's just pulled her clothing out of her suitcase to find that it has creases in it, but she's a modern woman, so she wears it anyway.

The embellishments on these creations are deliciously intricate, and the addition of silvery feathers on a few of the pieces gives each one an extra pop. The collection certainly isn't devoid of color, and features several looks in vibrant florals and shades of yellow.

Valli knows how to ramp up the drama on a dress, challenging the reality of wearability with the art of couture. He doesn't hesitate to add playful elements that catch the eye, like a long billowing train on a short minidress, and those who wear his creations love it. Think back to Rihanna during the 2015 Grammy Awards in Valli's breathtaking pink dress ... now *that* is making a statement on the red carpet.

He included a healthy mix of ball gowns and slimmer silhouettes, though most of the gowns that fell closer to the body had glamorous elements like long, sheer sleeves or a high embellished necklines to push them just a touch over the edge.

A true Haute Couture collection enlists a brilliance and attention to detail that isn't that easy to come across in our fast-paced world. Click through above to enjoy just that from the incredible mind of Giambattista Valli.