12 facts you definitely didn't know about Kate Middleton

Fairy tales and animated movies have groomed the way we think of a "princess." From a young age, we're taught that princesses go hand in hand with glamorous balls, evil stepmothers and enviable crowns. These stories paint a picture of a damsel-in-distress, a woman who is helpless until she is saved by a kiss from a handsome prince.

But today's princesses are different. Even though Kate Middleton isn't officially a princess, she's one in our eyes, plus some. Even before she met Prince William, she was on a mission to save the world. From a teenage volunteer in Chile to athlete, mom and one of the biggest humanitarians in the UK today, she's set a royal precedent.

In honor of the Duchess's 35th birthday, watch the video above to learn about the ways Kate Middleton redefined being a princess.

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