2016 in review: Weirdest beauty trends

The 100-layer challenge, mosquito-perfume, eyelash extensions -- these 2016 beauty trends seriously had our heads spinning. Who could forget the age of beard jewelry?

Some people opted for no shampoo, while other people used bananas instead of it!

2016 was undoubtedly the year of social media challenges. Remember this lady? She got a little too carried away with her foundation and she ended up looking like a character from a horror movie.

Related: Even New York Fashion Week got in on these odd trends:

And this woman was so bored, she entertained herself by painting almost 120 layers of nail polish on her nails. We can't imagine how much remover she needed afterwards!

People tried their hands at all types of 100-layer challenges, and some didn't end up so well -- a handful of these challenges ended up in a full-on breakdowns or panic attacks.

Probably the oddest beauty trend this year was urine therapy, where people would collect their own urine and wash their face and body with it. Some magazines called pee a great cleanser and essential for reducing scar visibility.

To each his own, but we're still unsure if we're going to be trying any of these trends soon.

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