These are the most Instagrammed locations in every state to inspire your wanderlust


If you're like us, then you probably spend most of your spare time Insta-stalking popular travel photographers and travel accounts. Trust us when we say there's no need to be ashamed of this, because after all, who doesn't LOVE a good travel pic? From mysterious forests, to peaceful lakes, to snow-filled mountains -- there's simply no denying the appeal that is seeing these places through the eyes of someones lens.

Maybe you've been there before and want to re-live the memories, or maybe you've never been and want to feel like we're part of the photo. Either way, there's certainly some sort of desire to see these stunning locations. And if you've ever wondered what places people love taking photos of the most, we've got you covered. From famous landmarks like the Grand Canyon in Arizona, to less touristy locations like Rehoboth Beach in Delaware -- click through the slideshow above for the most Instagrammed locations in every state.

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Some Instagram-Ready Cties That Aren't Paris or NYC

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