17 Things to Do After Prom to Keep the Party Going

things to do after prom
17 Things to Do After Prom to Keep the Party GoingDesign by Yoora Kim - Disney+

You've spent so much time planning the perfect prom, from picking the ultimate outfit to curating the best playlist fit for all your GRWM TikToks. Not to mention, you and your besties nailed your hair and makeup looks while getting ready. Once you mark off your prom checklist and tear up the dance floor with your best moves, you're definitely going to make it a night to remember with your post-prom festivities. Whether you keep the party going with a bonfire at the beach or have a sleepover with your favorite people, there are so many things to do after prom.

If you're falling short on some prom after-party ideas, this is the place to be. From low-key hangouts to themed extravaganzas in true prom fashion, this list has a wide variety of the best things to do after prom. Did we mention these post-prom party ideas are totally IG-worthy? Because they are.

Have a classic sleepover

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Who said the fun has to stop at prom? You can't go wrong with a sleepover after a full night of dancing. Plus, you can dish out all the big moments from the dance with your besties all night long.

Host a board night with your besties

This is for all the foodies out there. If you've never had a board night, everyone gathers together and brings a different themed dish on a platter for the whole group to enjoy. Whether you bring a tray of your fave Tex-Mex or opt for a classic charcuterie board, the snacking possibilities are endless.

Have a bonfire at the beach

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If you live in a town with a beach nearby, head down the shore for a night-time bonfire. It's a great way to keep the fun of prom going with a more relaxing and chill vibe.

Watch a prom movie marathon

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Did all the pics and dancing wipe you out? Wind down with a movie marathon — bonus points if you watch prom-themed flicks. 😉

Hit up a local diner

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Chow down some comfort food at your local diner after prom. Most diners are open late, so it's a solid choice for a post-prom meal.

Have an epic photoshoot

If you didn't snap enough photos before and during prom, take the opportunity to have an aesthetically pleasing celeb-inspired photoshoot. You didn't spend all that time getting ready for nothing!

Sing karaoke

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Didn't hear enough of your fave songs during prom? Queue up your top songs and sing karaoke all night long to make up for lost time. This also means there's room for a duet with your date. 👀

Check in to a hotel for the night

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You may need the help of your parents for this one, but there is nothing more luxurious than spending the night at a hotel after prom. Keep the prom glamour going with your closest friends and split the cost.

Self-care to the max

All that time prepping for prom and enjoying it for a few hours can be exhausting, so it's only right to give yourself some time to relax. Grab your skincare essentials and pop that bath bomb in the tub, because you just earned some well-deserved "me time." 🫧🛁

Host a game night

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Let the games begin after prom. What could be more fun than a friendly competition with your group? Whether you opt for Uno (because let's face it, you'd kill to draw a +4 card against your best friend) or zoom past the competition on Mario Kart, the vibes will be immaculate either way.

Make TikToks with your date or BFFs

Show off your exquisite prom look one last time with a cute TikTok or take part in a hilarious challenge in your party clothes.

Bake your fave recipes

Because who wouldn't want to snack on some yummy cinnamon rolls (or other baked goods) after dancing all night? Consider this your version of Kim K's pizza and donut party after the Met Gala. Plus, there are tons of easy and delicious recipes to try out.

Have a pool party

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Trade your dress for a swimsuit and have a fabulous pool party once you get home from prom. Depending on your group's vibe, this could either be a chill hangout or another way to keep the prom energy going.

Go bowling

Make a strike after pulling striking looks at the dance. You can also make memories and document your friends' awkward walks back from the lane.

Go stargazing

Wind down from the high energy at prom with a relaxing night under the stars. This is the prime opportunity to make a move on your crush or reflect on your senior year with your friends.

Skate at the roller rink

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Like diners, roller rinks are usually open later, which makes them the perfect spot for a post-prom hangout. Plus, if there's anyone in your group that doesn't skate, they can still have fun at the arcade.

Go for a drive

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Hop in the car, blast your favorite songs, and hit the streets with your windows down — no specific destination required. There's nothing better than going on a fun ride with your S/O or best friends.

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