At least 10 injured in Syracuse house collapse

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At least 10 people were injured when a home collapsed Tuesday afternoon in Syracuse, New York, officials said.

Syracuse Fire Chief Michael Monds told reporters in a news briefing that crews responded to reports of an "explosion" and collapse at the home, arriving to find "multiple victims outside."

"The building was indeed collapsed," Monds said. "It was a very dangerous scene. There were power lines down and the dangerous odor of gas."

Firefighters were told there were possibly up to 20 people who lived in the home, and that as many as 12 still may be trapped inside, according to Monds.

When fire crews entered the structure, they found several victims who were inside a car that the home had collapsed on, Monds said. Those people were freed, the fire chief said.

Of the 10 people who were transported to area hospitals, eight were on advanced life support care, and two were on basic life support care, Monds said. Their ages were not immediately provided. A Syracuse Fire Department spokesperson told CBS News that their injuries ranged "from serious to minor."

Monds said that search and rescue efforts were still ongoing Tuesday evening. There was no word on exactly what may have caused the collapse.

"We're shoring up the building, we're trying to make entry to do a last sweep to make sure there are no more children or adults inside," Monds said.

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