Lando Norris and His Lamborghini Miura Get Bump-Start from Fans in Monte Carlo

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Fans Give Lando Norris and His Miura a Bump-StartQian Jun/MB Media - Getty Images

Lando Norris wanted to celebrate his first victory in F1 with a drive in his prized Lamborghini Miura around the streets of Monte Carlo. Unfortunately, the classic Italian sportscar acted like a classic Italian sportscar and would not start. Luckily for Norris, some fans came to the rescue and got him going again, Reuters reports.

Norris holds the F1 record with 14 podium finishes before getting a victory. It seems that his first win in Miami on May 5 came just in time to save him from an embarrassing supercar fail. The extra fame and attention his win brought him has made him more recognizable. He thinks that contributed to fans spotting him in his Miura and giving him a bump-start so he could get going again.

“It didn't start. But then the fans recognized me, and they pushed my car and they bump-started it down the hill. So, I was like mega. Maybe if I didn't win the race they wouldn't have noticed me, they wouldn't have started it. So those are the perks in life. People can bump-start your car for you, in the Miura. That kind of thing,” said Norris to reporters at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix.

The mid-engine V-12-powered Miura was produced from 1966 to 1973 and is widely considered to be the first supercar ever made. Fewer than 800 were ever built and putting one of these rare beauties in your garage will cost you at least $1 million today. Even on the streets of Monte Carlo the sight of a Miura is a rare treat. Seeing one with the most recent F1 winner behind the wheel is even more unusual. Thankfully the fans were able to get Norris and his car going again. Hopefully his McLaren this Sunday at Imola is more reliable.

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