Kristin Cavallari and Mark Estes Are 'Taking Things Slowly' After Going Instagram Official, Source Says

Kristin Cavallari officially has a new man in her life, Mark Estes, and she couldn't be more excited to show him off.

On Tuesday, ET confirmed that the 37-year-old Laguna Beach star is dating Estes, 24, and that they had been committed to keeping their relationship under wraps and maintaining their privacy while they developed an initial connection.

A source tells ET, "Kristin and Mark have been taking things slowly and were keeping things private until the news broke today. Both responded to the rumors, and are fine with the news about their relationship now being public."

Just hours earlier, Cavallari took to her social media pages to share with her more than five million followers that, roughly two years after finalizing her divorce from Jay Cutler, she was dating again. In the post, Cavallari shared a sweet selfie of her and Estes from a recent trip to Cabo in which they appear tanned from the sun and glowing with happiness over their relationship.

"He makes me happy 🤍" Cavallari wrote in the caption, which quickly racked up 100,000 likes in less than an hour.

Estes, who appears to have previously played football for Montana Tech University based on his Instagram account, reposted Cavallari's photo of the two of them to his Instagram quickly after she shared the pic.

In a TikTok video posted Tuesday afternoon, Estes and Cavallari playfully showed off the dynamic of their relationship while lip synching and acting out the lyrics to Gloriana's "(Kissed You) Good Night."

The video shows Cavallari in a bikini and Estes in swim trunks by a pool, tightly embracing and dancing, before she jumps into his arms and they walk toward the camera as the video cuts out.

"Ready to fall," he wrote in the caption.

The new relationship comes after The Hills alum was previously linked to comedian Jeff Dye, singer Chase Rice, and The Bachelor star Tyler Cameron following the end of her nine-year marriage to Cutler, 40.

In October 2020, she was spotted with Dye, 41, who recently slammed her on a podcast for sharing his DUI story publicly without his consent. After several months of casual dating, the romance appeared to fade between the two.

The next year, Cavallari was linked to Rice, 38, although she later said on Instagram that she was not exclusively connected to any particular person, even after reports emerged that they were seeing each other casually.

"No one serious … I’ve just been having fun. I haven't wanted a boyfriend. But I'm currently not dating anyone," she said at the time.

In September, Cavallari sat down with Andy Cohen during an episode of Watch What Happens Live and took a call-in question from a fan. The caller asked her who she'd recently gone on a date that her kids were fans of, a tidbit she shared on her podcast.

"Oh, it's obviously Morgan Wallen. She just said her kids are big fans," Cohen responded, prompting Cavallari to burst out laughing.

"I'm not answering that question!" she said, before adding that while she could neither confirm nor deny if one date had occurred, she was "not dating him!"

Two months later, during an episode of her podcast, Let's Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari, she commented on speculation that she may have been romantically involved with John Mayer.

Cavallari kept the mystery alive, saying, "Wouldn't you like to know? Maybe I talked about it earlier. I don't know."

In that same episode, she gave a more solid and candid answer about the hottest person she has ever hooked up with. She told listeners that the answer is decisively Cameron.

"This is so funny. OK, if I were just purely basing it on looks, right? Like put every guy in a lineup, nothing to do with like chemistry, or just like, the hottest, Tyler Cameron. And believe it or not, you guys, I know this is really freaking hard to believe, he's hotter in person. It's insane. It's insane. So yeah, TC for you baby," she said.

Kristin Cavallari
Gotham/GC Images

Despite a messy split at the time, Cavallari has also recently opened up about her now-healthy relationship with Cutler as they continue to co-parent their three children. The former couple shares Camden, 10, Jaxon, 8, and Saylor, 7.

"You guys, I never thought we would get here. I never thought we would get here. I didn't. I'm so happy about it," she said in the fall on her show. "Oh my god. I'm so happy about it because, you know, everyone wins when parents are on good terms."

"My kids see it, I mean, it’s just easier. And listen, I get it. When people's hearts are breaking, it's really difficult. It's really, really difficult, and so, you know, seeing Jay happy is the best," she shared. "That's what I care about because I obviously see the benefits, my kids see the benefits, and yeah, life is really good right now, and I’m so thankful for it."


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