Do you know what car jujitsu is? Want to bet? You can in New Jersey

Finally, we can bet on car jujitsu legally.

OK, so maybe you didn't know people were competing in Carjitsu, the sport where people grapple while sitting in mid-sized sedans. But if you like to bet, you might want to brush up on it, because it's now legal to bet on the sport in New Jersey.

According to ESPN, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement made it legal for betting on the CarJitsu Championship.

The sport is sanctioned by the Pro League Network, which also operates sports such as the SlapFIGHT Championship and the World Putting League. It told ESPN that it's excited to bring the sport to betters in the Garden State.

"We wanted to stand it up there first and we felt if we could meet all the expectations and requirements in New Jersey, it gave us a flight path for other parts of the country," said PLN co-founder Bill Yucatonis.

It's definitely a unique sport, but if you have an eye for knowing who can take off someone's seatbelt and slap on an arm bar, you can cash in.

Makes sense that the sport was invented in 2020, and since it was introduced, it's had millions of views on Youtube, and more than 16,000 people subscribe to the organization's Youtube page.

This article originally appeared on Asbury Park Press: New Jersey legalizes betting on Car Jujitsu