Kim Kardashian's 'Actors on Actors' Partner 'Called in Sick' at Last Minute, Editor Says

Amid all the chatter over Chloë Sevigny and Kim Kardashian's Actors on Actors pairing, the plot has thickened with a bit of breaking tea from Variety co-Editor-in-Chief Ramin Setoodeh.

During an appearance on Meghan McCain's podcast, Citizen McCain, the journalist revealed that Sevigny was not actually meant to pair with Kardashian originally.

"Kim Kardashian had someone else that she was supposed to pair with," Setoodeh said, "and that actor that she was supposed to pair with called in sick on a Friday night, and Kim was supposed to do this on a Sunday."

Fortunately, Sevigny agreed to join Kardashian as a replacement.

"[Sevigny], having been in the Ryan Murphy universe, was incredibly gracious, stepped in at the last minute, and came in and did this conversation with Kim," Setoodeh said. "But that wasn't her original acting partner."

After their sit-down was released for the popular Variety video series, the magazine and Kardashian were scrutinized over the pairing, with critics taking issue with Sevigny, an Oscar-nominated performer, being matched with an acting novice like Kardashian.

However, Setoodeh shot down claims that Sevigny had tried to shade the reality star and asserted -- despite critics' assumptions to the contrary -- that Sevigny was happy to be there.

"Chloë was really excited to talk to Kim," he said. "I was in the green room with her right before she went on and they really liked each other and so, a lot of that was imposed on that conversation was just imposed because I think people have strong feelings about Kim Kardashian and they don't like that she's acting even though she was the star of her own show on FX, American Horror Story."

Sevigny seemingly defended the mom of four when she wrote on Instagram, "Our chosen career of actor has many forms. Some are rewarded early. Some of us are the journeymen, some have a quieter route, and some a much louder one. And I am always excited to celebrate every kind of actor #actorsonactors@variety#Iloveactresses."

As for the star that called out at the 11th hour, Setoodeh said he would not be sharing the name, but teased that if internet sleuths figure it out, he may throw them a heart on X (formerly Twitter).

In the meantime, he shared a bit of simple advice for anyone unhappy with the final product. "If you don't like a pairing," he said, "just watch one of the other pairings."


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