Kevin Costner Gushes Over New Addition to His Family

Kevin Costner's heart is taken... by his new puppy, that is!

On Tuesday, the 69-year-old actor stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to talk about his new movie, Horizon: An American Saga, but not before Fallon, 49, could persuade the Yellowstone star to chat about his dog, Bob, who the audience could not seem to get enough of.

The late-night television host introduced the conversation by showing a picture of the adorable white Labrador pup -- who Costner first presented on Instagram earlier this year -- and asking the legendary actor to spill the details on the latest addition to his family.

"I got a buddy, his name's Bob," Costner said as the in-studio crowd burst into laughter and Fallon retorted, "You named the dog Bob?"

"Yeah, when I'm angry with him, it's Bob," the Field of Dreams star said. "It's Bobby when he's okay."

While the cuteness overload was already in full effect as the audience members swooned at Bobby (we at ET believe he's a good boy), things kicked up another notch as Fallon pulled out yet another pic of the puppy, this time with the dog snoozing soundly on the door of an open dishwasher.

"He kind of waits for me to do the dishes. That's a pretty good dog, right?" the two-time Academy Award-winning actor said, adding, "I do all the work, he does everything else."

The actual story of how Costner discovered his sweet best friend taking a nap in the appliance is just as good as the picture, too!

"I had no idea he was there, actually. I was doing the dishes -- which you got to do as a single dad -- and I was doing the dishes, and like anything, I thought, 'Where is he?'" Costner shared, joking that he thought Bobby was "too quiet" and "chewing on something."

"I went to go [find him] and I ran right into that thing and I saw that he was sleeping," he added. "And I did like everything that Americans do these days, even if somebody passes out, I took his picture."

The pup-date comes as Costner is touring the country to promote his magnum opus, Horizon: An American Saga, which he co-wrote, directed and stars in. The film premiered at Cannes Film Festival in May and received a startling 11-minute standing ovation.

The epic Western project took Costner three decades to make and will release in four parts, the first of which arrives in theaters on June 28. Also starring in the film series are actors like Sienna Miller, Luke Wilson, Jena Malone, Sam Worthington and Costner's own son, Hayes, 15.

All four parts take place across a timespan of 15 years in pre and post-Civil War United States and tell a story primarily focused on the "expansion and settlement of the American west," according to a synopsis for the movies.

'Horizon: An American Saga' Trailer No. 1

Kevin Costner as Hayes Ellison in 'Horizon: An American Saga'

Warner Bros.

ET has been with the actor since the beginning of his press tour and has chatted with him about everything from giving Hayes his first acting role in the movie to the sheer amount of time, money and energy that he put into the passion project.

Horizon became such an ambitious undertaking that in 2023, Costner told Deadline he mortgaged "10 acres on the water in Santa Barbara" in an effort to get his films off the ground. In April, he responded to whether or not he was nervous about the release given the stakes.

"No," Costner told ET from CinemaCon in Las Vegas. "I feel really good about what this movie, what it does to me. It was the kind of movie that I hoped someone would make for me. That's what I like to see.

Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1 releases on June 28 and Chapter 2 hits theaters on Aug. 16. Release dates for the final two parts have yet to be announced.


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