Kelly Clarkson is taken by Austin Butler’s pottery hobby: ‘Could you be hotter?’

Kelly Clarkson said what we were all thinking.

In a June 21 clip of "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Jodie Comer revealed that her "The Bikeriders" co-star Austin Butler makes pottery for "people he likes," and Clarkson was certainly impressed.

"You make pottery? Could you be hotter? Like, what the hell?" the talk show host responded, prompting laughter from Butler, Comer and the studio audience.

"(Do you) save children in your spare time? Do you volunteer for the Boy Scouts? I'm like, 'What else, Austin?' Like, goodness!" she quipped, shaking her head.

Clarkson then called his interest in pottery "cool" and asked him when he started dabbling in the activity.

"When I was living in London," the Golden Globe winner replied, smirking.

"That's cool! 'While you were living in London.' You know what? This is rude to all men everywhere," Clarkson joked.

Clarkson also expressed interest in another one of Butler's hobbies: a "gambling" dice game he enjoys playing on set.

"I don't know where this information came from, but it's true," he responded.

The "Elvis" star has previously shared his interest in other pastimes, such as taking photographs with his film camera and journaling.

In a 2022 conversation with GQ about the ten essentials he can't live without, Butler expressed the happiness he's found in developing film.

"It feels like Christmas morning every time you get film developed," he said. "It's a slower process, so it makes you appreciate it more."

When discussing the practice of maintaining a journal in the same interview, Butler mentioned drawing inspiration from Matthew McConaughey's memoir "Greenlights."

"(McConaughey) talked about not just writing when you're sad, not just writing when you're feeling depressed or anxious, but also making note of the times when things are going really well," Butler said.

"I've been trying to employ that a little bit more," he added.

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