Keep an Eye on Your Property With These Editor-Approved Wireless Security Cameras

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The Best Wireless Security Cameras for Your HomePopular Mechanics; Ring

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Wireless security cameras provide you with a direct line of sight to your property and the area around it, from any smart device. That means that no matter what, you can keep eyes on your door, driveway, and outdoor spaces with just a tap to increase security whether you’re home or away.

Security cameras have evolved a lot over the past few years. These days, nearly all models pair with a smart device via mobile app, offer impressive camera quality, and are increasingly more compact. Wireless security cameras offer versatility, plus they’re typically easy to install with a quick and straightforward setup. There are also plenty of under-$100 options with solid features.

Regardless of whether you’re adding security to your property, updating your front door surveillance, or simply keeping an eye on your pets or kids when you’re not home, the best wireless security cameras we recommend can help protect your assets and give you peace of mind.

The Best Wireless Security Cameras

What to Consider

Power and Connectivity

All the security cameras we write about below connect wirelessly to your computer or smart device for live footage feeds, and require batteries for power. That said, battery-powered models stay juiced for months or even years before the batteries need to be replaced. They’re typically more expensive than corded cameras, so if you plan on using it indoors near an outlet, a corded power camera can save you cash without a dip in quality.

Design and Use

Many outdoor models are equipped with floodlights or night vision for better surveillance, with varying degrees of water-resistance. Some have speakers with emergency sirens to scare off animals or strangers.

Indoor cameras prioritize camera movement and two-way speakers to better monitor pets or kids. Two-way microphones allow for direct communication through the camera, while tracking movement on camera lets you keep tabs on whoever is up to mischief.

App Features and Video Storage

Every wireless security cameras on our list transmits live feeds through a mobile app built for smartphones or smart home assistants, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Nest. These apps serve as control centers for your security cameras for direct access to live security footage and any integrated speaker or microphone.

Most apps automatically send push notifications for motion detection and save clips for short periods of time so you can review footage. They may also have additional features such as long-term video cloud storage or AI recognition software. However, access to these extras usually requires a monthly subscription service at an added cost.

How We Selected

We made our final selections for this list after significant research and testing. Our team tested cameras from Wyze, Arlo, and Google, ensuring the options we recommend are ones that function in real world conditions. We tested everyday features for each camera to make sure the apps were easy to navigate, the video footage was clear, and speakers were loud. We also tested any special features such as motion detection and night vision. If the camera had a spotlight, we tested out how well it illuminated the space in darkness and how clear the footage was with the lights on.

For security cameras we did not personally test, we spent time researching key comparable specs and weighed them against our in-person evaluations. Additionally, each camera on the list has thousands of reviews from verified customers that we also read through.

Pro 5S 2K Spotlight Camera

Our best overall pick for wireless security camera comes from Arlo. The brand’s most recent release of the Pro makes has some notable upgrades, along with all the key features that kept the previous iteration at the top of our list in past reviews.

The wireless security camera has a built-in spotlight that improves visibility as night and allows for crisp, color night vision as opposed to black and white footage. It also comes with up to 12x zoom on 2k resolution. That gives you the ability to see small details in the frame up close—and do so with high-level clarity.

The all-weather protection makes this a great choice for outdoor mounting even if you live in areas that get harsh weather.

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Pro 5S 2K Spotlight Camera


Spotlight Cam Pro

With two motion-sensor LED spotlights on each side of the wireless device, the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro significantly brightens up your walkway even on the darkest nights.

The wireless security camera connects directly through Wi-Fi and adjusts easily through the Ring app. From the app, you choose the lighting settings, designated motion detection zones, and even set up a security siren if needed.

The camera also offers color night-vision and 3D motion-detection notifications for added security. These cameras are great for security near backdoors and porches where unexpected visitors get greeted with sirens and bright lights.

Be wary of the angle you mount from though, as many users did not find the fish-eye view helpful in expanding the range of video coverage.

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Spotlight Cam Pro


Nest Cam Outdoor or Indoor

As a wireless security camera, the Google Nest Cam is a few notches above the rest. The actual camera is not directly connected to the mounting mechanism. So, if you want to recharge the batteries or adjust the angle, you can simply pull the camera straight off the mount without unscrewing anything.

The magnetic connection is strong enough where we felt comfortable mounting it high and shaking it around, but were still about to move and remove without issue.

Beyond the magnetic mount, the Nest cameras showed off impressive video quality, even in darkness. We were impressed by its motion detection, and how well the camera video held up when tested against water, wind, and dust.

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Nest Cam Outdoor or Indoor


Stick Up Cam

Another wireless security camera from Ring, the Stick Up Cam is a more affordable option that offers a number of useful features, including easy mounting on flat surfaces or walls without extra tools or purchases.

The camera has two-way audio built for communicating with delivery drivers, neighbors, or even your own kids. The wireless camera also comes with an easy-to-remove battery pack and direct connection to Alexa devices to make its installation as seamless as possible.

As for the camera, the Ring Stick Up Cam boasts 1080p video quality so you’ll always have access to clear picture and sound. See our list of the best cheap security cameras of 2024 for even more affordable options.

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Stick Up Cam


Video Doorbell

While not quite a traditional wireless security camera, the Blink Video Doorbell takes on multiple roles without dropping the ball. The camera detects motion for automatic notifications and the two-way audio makes it easy to speak directly with neighbors or delivery drivers even when you aren’t home.

The doorbell camera can also connect to your existing doorbell wiring and alerts your phone when someone presses the bell. The Blink also comes in two colors to better fit the theme of your home and front door.

As far as front door security goes, this doorbell camera from Blink keeps you in the loop while offering more than just a digital peephole.

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Video Doorbell


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