Kathie Lee Gifford Reveals What She'd Need From the Men to Be the 'Golden Bachelorette'

In a visit to her old stomping grounds, former Today host Kathie Lee Gifford found herself at the center of an unexpected proposition: becoming the inaugural Golden Bachelorette.

Joined by her former colleagues Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, Gifford was playfully prodded about her next career move, sparking a wave of speculation and excitement among fans.

"We stand by the fact that we think you would be the best Golden Bachelorette of all time," Bush Hager expressed to Gifford, echoing the sentiments of many who had tuned in to the idea.

Kotb enthusiastically joined in, highlighting Gifford's unique appeal. "Your storyline would be very good because, first of all, you’re not someone who would go sucking face with someone in a hot tub," Kotb remarked, drawing laughter from the group.

Imagining the potential scenario, Kotb continued, "But can you imagine how good it would be? You would hold all of these men at bay and make them romance you — sing me a song, write me a poem. You would bring romance back, and that’s what we need!"

In her characteristic style, Gifford chimed in, "Earn me, baby!"

Bush Hager enthusiastically supported the idea, stating, "You would make romance great again!"

While initially hesitant, Gifford didn't entirely dismiss the notion. After some teasing from Kotb and Bush Hager, she revealed that discussions about the role had taken place with ABC, the network behind The Golden Bachelor.

"It would have to be completely different," Gifford admitted, with a playful jab at the age of potential contestants. "They’d have to make them much younger."

The conversation took a humorous turn as Bush Hager suggested the title might be more fittingly dubbed "The Golden Cougar," sparking laughter.

The Golden Bachelor recently concluded its first-ever season with Gerry Turner, garnering significant attention and anticipation for its forthcoming seasons. With ABC already in the process of casting for the new show, the spotlight now turns to finding the perfect leading lady.

Gifford's return to the Today show stirred nostalgia among fans, recalling her tenure alongside Kotb before her departure in 2019 to pursue music and acting endeavors. Bush Hager subsequently took over her role, maintaining the show's dynamic energy.

In 1976, Gifford tied the knot with Paul Johnson, a multifaceted talent known for his roles as a composer, arranger, producer, and publisher within the realm of Christian music. However, their union ended in divorce in 1982. Subsequently, in 1986, Gifford married Frank Gifford, a renowned sportscaster and former NFL player, who died in 2015.


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