Kate Beckinsale Speaks Out After Catfish Reportedly Scams Elderly Men Using Her Name

Kate Beckinsale is issuing an alarming warning to her followers.

The English actress took to Instagram on Tuesday, June 18, to bring attention to a potential catfisher using her name and likeness in an attempt to scam vulnerable individuals.

A screenshot posted to her feed showed a message from a concerned family member of one of the con artist's victims, who apparently reached out to one of Beckinale's friends looking for some clarity.

"If there is any way you can confirm that your friend Kate Beckinsale is not dating my elderly father in California, I will gladly donate to a charity of your choice," the message read, revealing that the man was "convinced" that the Total Recall star had recently proposed to him through a text message.

Unfortunately, it's not the first time someone has pretended to be her, causing her to move homes previously after other victims of the scammer (or scammers) began showing up at her door—but news articles about the incidents failed to help the elderly man believe he had fallen into the same trap.

A second message showed another elderly father getting "scammed out of lots of money" by someone claiming to be Beckinsale, with a request for her to message him directly and "state [she is] not asking him for money" because he doesn't believe any of his concerned family members.

Beckinsale took the opportunity to affirm that she was not involved in any of the contact, calling it a "horrible thing to do."

"...it's not the first time an elderly man has been scammed out of actually a lot of money," she pointed out, suggesting that a single case could cost someone "hundreds of thousands of dollars."

She called the perpetrator(s) "disgusting and evil" before blatantly stating that she will "never be dming anyone asking for money."

Plenty of followers recognize the ridiculous nature of the messages they receive from similar folks, sharing stories of Shania Twain, Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves and more, but the elderly population is especially vulnerable to financial-based scams.

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